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Selling Vero Beach: Settler Myths in the Land of the Aís and Seminole

This book explores how settlers from northern states created myths about the Indian River area on Florida’s Atlantic Coast, importing ideas about the region’s Indigenous peoples and rewriting its history to market the land to investors and tourists.

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Motion Picture Paradise: A History of Florida's Film and Television Industry

This book is a sweeping story of filmmaking in Florida, chronicling the state’s importance to producers throughout 125 years by looking at the many iconic films and television shows made across the peninsula.

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The Florida Vegetarian Cookbook

With delicious recipes that showcase Florida’s bounty of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and grains, this book celebrates the seasonal harvests of the Sunshine State.

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Tracing Florida Journeys: Explorers, Travelers, and Landscapes Then and Now

In this book, Leslie Poole delves into the stories of explorers and travelers who came to Florida during the past five centuries, looking at their words and the paths they took from the perspective of today.

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Tampa Cigar Workers: A Pictorial History

Featuring more than 200 photos, this book documents the history of the immigrants who created the cigar industry in Tampa and the extraordinary multi-ethnic community that flourished around it.

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Jacksonville and the Roots of Southern Rock

The Allman Brothers Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd helped usher in a new kind of southern music from Jacksonville, Florida. Together, they and fellow bands like Blackfoot, 38 Special, and Molly Hatchet would reset the course of seventies rock. Michael FitzGerald tells the story of how the River City bred this generation of legendary musicians.

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Good Day Sunshine State: How the Beatles Rocked Florida

This book explores the musical and cultural impact of the Beatles in Florida, an important part of the revolution that helped make the Fab Four a worldwide phenomenon.

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Maximum Vantage: New Selected Columns

Veteran journalist Bill Maxwell tackles important issues faced by Florida and broader American society, offering opinions on a wide variety of questions with a focus on race, agricultural labor, education, and the environment.

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The Cuban Sandwich: A History in Layers

This book reveals the social history behind how the Cuban sandwich evolved from its origins in the midnight cafés of Havana to claim a spot on menus around the world.