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NASA and the American South

This volume examines NASA’s strong ties to the American South, exploring how the space program and the region have influenced each other since NASA’s founding in 1958.

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Operation Pedro Pan: The Untold Exodus of 14,048 Cuban Children, Revised Edition

Yvonne Conde presents poignant stories from individuals who left Cuba between 1960 and 1962 in one of the world’s largest political exoduses of children.

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Women across Asian Art: Selected Essays in Art and Material Culture

Filled with exquisite color illustrations, this volume examines an underserved aspect of Asian art history by discussing women artists, collectors, archaeologists, and architects whose efforts have largely been left out of scholarship.

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Spirited Diasporas: Personal Narratives and Global Futures of Afro-Atlantic Religions

Through a variety of first-person accounts, this book offers a glimpse into the frequently misunderstood religions of Afro-Cuban Lukumí, Haitian Vodou, and Brazilian Candomblé, adding to the growing research on the transnational yet personal nature of African diasporic religions.

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The Rise of Central American Film in the Twenty-First Century

This volume explores the main trends, genres, and themes that define the emerging filmmaking industry in Central America, providing a needed overview of one of the least explored cinemas in the world.

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Cosmonaut: A Cultural History

Examining material and cultural representations of the cosmonaut program, Cathleen Lewis discusses how the public image of the Soviet cosmonaut developed beginning in the 1950s and the ways this icon has been reinterpreted throughout the years and in contemporary Russia.

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After Apollo: Cultural Legacies of the Race to the Moon

This book explores how NASA’s space program impacted American society and culture during and after the race to the Moon, looking back at the 1969 Apollo 11 Moon landing from the perspective of the present day.

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Forensic Anthropology: An Introductory Lab Manual

Designed to support introductory undergraduate courses in forensic anthropology, this versatile laboratory manual provides basic training in relevant methods of biological profile estimation and trauma assessment for use in medico-legal contexts.

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Collective Creativity and Artistic Agency in Colonial Latin America

This volume addresses and expands the role of the artist in colonial Latin American society, featuring essays that consider the ways society conceived of artists and the ways artists defined themselves.

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En Bas Saline: A TaĆ­no Town before and after Columbus

This book details the Indigenous Taíno occupation at En Bas Saline in Hispaniola between AD 1250 and 1520, showing how the community coped with the dramatic changes imposed by Spanish contact.