Trees of Northern Florida

Herman Kurz and Robert K. Godfrey

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"A carefully illustrated, simply written manual for the layman."--The Garden Journal

"How much more enjoyable it is to visit the Florida forests when you know the trees. How much more pleasure it would have been for me when I was growing up in the North Florida woods if I could have had a copy of a book like this . . . a book filled with hundreds of descriptions and pen and ink illustrations that show the principal identifying features of the species described."--Nixon Smiley, Miami Herald

"Many keys and clear line drawings contribute to make this book an excellent field guide."—Tampa Tribune

The north Florida landscape is blanketed by an arboreal tapestry of exceeding interest and beauty, which derives from the great diversity of trees and shrubs and their presence in great numbers. For anyone with an interest in natural history, these woodlands are ideal and fascinating to explore and study. Trees of Northern Florida, containing complete identification data, descriptions, illustrations, and geographic ranges, serves as a manual for amateurs and professionals alike.

The trees included in this book are those which are native to northern Florida and those which have been introduced into cultivation and have become established in the wild. North Florida as a geographical area is arbitrarily defined as that portion of the state north of a line drawn from the Atlantic Coast through the Ocala National Forest, Marion County, continuing through the Gulf Hammock, Levy County, to the Gulf Coast. The trees described are also nearly all those which occur in the southern parts of Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.

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