The Sermons of Laurence Sterne: The Text
Volume 4 of the Florida Edition of the Works of Laurence Sterne

Laurence Sterne, edited by Melvyn New

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"New's edition of Sterne's sermons will doubtless be the definitive one for many years to come and will prove invaluable to understanding this author's oeuvre, in general."
--Eighteenth-Century Fiction

"Anglicans and the Church universal wil savor this treasure. These volumes of Laurence Sterne's Sermons finally substantiate their theological correspondence with his two great novels, Tristram Shandy and A Sentimental Journey. Interleaving texts from the sermons and illustrations from an erring life, Sterne transferred an intimate conversational style and epic understanding from his Yorkshire congregation to a universal readership." "The editor matches the 45 Sermons (Vol. 4) with easily referenced Notes to the Sermons (Vol. 5) including a summary Headnote for each. Mr. New's splendid Introduction pulls together myriad sources on Sterne's clerical and private life, the Bible, copious sermon borrowings, and his theology: all amplified contextually with a bibliographical goldmine. These companion volumes provide the instruction an delight of a genius who made the fear of God the only accessible recourse for our fallible natures."
--Anglican Theological Review

"With the publication of volumes IV and V of the Florida edition, however, scholars now have access for the first time to an accurate and authoritative modern edition of Sterne's theological writings. . . . Splendidly produced, and containing a copious apparatus of headnotes and annotations, the Florida volumes will desrvedly become the definitive edition of Sterne's sermons, and look set to provoke further debate about Sterne particularly, and eighteenth-century Anglicanism generally." -- British Journal for Eighteenth-century Studies
--British Journal for Eighteenth-century Studies

"We are all inestimably in New's debt for these latest volumes. He has, as in his previous work, produced a scholarly tool, definitive in our time, and probably for generations."--Literature & Theology
--Literature & Theology

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