A Sentimental Journey and Continuation of the Bramine's Journal
Volume 6 of the Florida Edition of the Works of Laurence Sterne

Laurence Sterne, edited by Melvyn New and W. G. Day

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The sixth volume of the Florida Edition of the Works of Laurence Sterne contains scholarly editions of two works of Sterne's last year of life, A Sentimental Journey and the Bramine's Journal (Journal to Eliza). As with the first five volumes of the series (Tristram Shandy, the Sermons, and their annotations), the texts are presented as clean texts, with all textual and scholarly apparatus gathered at the end of the volume, including collations with existing manuscripts, a historical collation of the first three editions of Journey, and a comprehensive listing of all emendations made to the texts. While relying on the scholarly edition of Journey by Gardner Stout (1967), this new edition has in many ways, both textual and annotative, altered his earlier work; and it presents as well the first truly scholarly edition of the Journal since Lewis Perry Curtis's edition in Letters (1935).

This book continues the tradition of the Florida Edition, providing an abundance of materials that are intended to elucidate but not interpret Sterne's writings. New and Day build on Stout's fine annotations, but they add the commentaries of the intervening 35 years, along with some new recoveries and discoveries, and some corrections to Stout's edition. The annotations to the Journal go well beyond Curtis's commentary, especially in drawing a strong relationship between the Journey and the Journal. As the editors argue in the extensive introduction, the two texts must be read together in order to be understood properly.

Sterne's writings in his last year belong together as the complex representation of his hopes and fears, his loves and his longings, as he prepared to face death and judgment. The dual presentation in this volume will not only enhance the reputation of the Bramin's Journal, but will bring to light aspects of A Sentimental Journey previously unnoted.

Melvyn New is professor of English at the University of Florida and general editor of the Florida Edition of the Works of Laurence Sterne, five volumes of which have been published.

W. G. Day is head of the English Department and Eccles Librarian at Winchester College, U.K.

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"The Florida Edition is a most valuable contribution to Sterne Scholarship"
--Eighteenth-Century Fiction

"Now in British Library, the manuscript has been edited here with minute care, and in four appendices we are given textual notes, a list of emendations, a collation of the manuscript with the Florida text, and a collation of the Florida text with those edited by Cross, Curtis, and Jack. Presented thus, the Bramine's Journal is well placed to prompt a new phase of critical interest - and not only, I would suggest, interest focused upon what light the journal might cast upon A Sentimental Journey. I should not neglect to point out that this volume is as sturdy and handsome an object as the previous volumes in the series. The Florida volumes need to be sturdy - texts of this quality will remain standard for a very long time."

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