Rare and Endangered Biota of Florida
Vol. V. Birds

Edited by James A. Rodgers, Jr., Herbert W. Kale II, and Henry T. Smith

Ray E. Ashton, Jr., Series Editor

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"High scientific value to biologists, conservationists, teachers, students, and the general birdwatching public."--Frances C. James, curator of birds and mammals, Florida State University

"Deals authoritatively with the most important Florida birds from the viewpoint of conservation. Will be required reading for conservationists and many serious birdwatchers and naturalists."--Richard L. West, regional editor, Audubon Field Notes

"The series has served as the definitive reference compendium on endangered and threatened species in Florida and is widely recognized as among the most authoritative such works in the nation. . . . I hope this revised series reinvigorates our resolve and commitment to endangered and threatened species conservation. These volumes provide a comprehensive database from which to embark."
--Robert M. Brantly, executive director,
Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission
(from the Foreword to the series)

This volume contains accounts of 66 bird species and subspecies that the Florida Committee on Rare and Endangered Plants and Animals recognizes as in decline or in danger. It also includes accounts of six species that have been already extirpated in Florida or are now extinct.
The species accounts are arranged by family within each status category--recently extinct, extirpated, endangered, threatened, rare, species of special concern, and status undetermined. Each account contains detailed sections on taxonomy, description, population size and trend, habitat requirements and trend, vulnerability of species and habitat, causes of threats, responses to habitat modification, demographic characteristics, key behaviors, and conservation measures taken and proposed for the species. Each also includes a range map, an extensive section of literature cited, and a synthesis and discussion of the ecology, habitat requirements, and anthropogenic factors affecting the species' survival, especially in Florida. In addition, 61 photographs and 4 drawings accompany the species accounts.
Much of the information on the Florida population status is presented here for the first time and is based on previously unpublished research. This volume is an essential reference for biologists, conservationists, environmental consultants, educators, and amateur ornithologists interested in the endangered and threatened birdlife of Florida.

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"Along with its sister volumes, this valuable, well-written book represents a model for other states to emulate in documenting the status of their wildlife."

"Required reading for conservationists and serious birdwatchers."
--Florida Fish and Wildlife News

"For students interested in identifying and working on an endangered bird species of Florida, . . . should be their first source. For persons contemplating producing a publication to serve as a quick reference to endangered organisms of other geographic regions, I suggest this book as a model. . . . I recommend this book, and the others in the series, be in all college libraries in Florida, and in libraries of other institutions with conservation programs."

"This is a must book for professional conservationists, biologists, teachers and students. A book naure lovers will enjoy reading." -- Footprint - Florida Trail Association
--Footprint - Florida Trail Association

"A vital book for anyone interested in birds or conservation in Florida." -- Ibis

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