The Liguus Tree Snails of South Florida

Henry T. Close

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"A long-overdue and much-needed identification manual for the tree snails of Florida, one of the most exquisite creatures in the natural realm."—Fred G. Thompson, Florida Museum of Natural History

"This new book will introduce the novice and expert alike to a wealth of new and fascinating information on one of the most colorful and variable animal species in the world. Anyone interested in the natural history of South Florida and the Florida Keys will want to have a copy of this well-illustrated and most comprehensive work."—Thomas C. Emmel, University of Florida

Some of the most beautiful and vivid shells in the world are found not on the beaches but in the trees of South Florida. This colorfully illustrated book offers for the first time a comprehensive survey of these rare snails and their shells, as well as their biology, natural history, evolution, and ecology.

Shells of the Liguus fasciatus tree snails display a stunning rainbow of colors, from pink, powder blue, and deep orange to chestnut and black, in patterns ranging from subtle to complex. Fifty-nine named color forms exist, and there are distinct variations within many of the forms.

The author identifies all the various forms and their localities in this book. Color photographs of some 300 brilliantly hued shells illustrate the text. The migration and interbreeding of the Liguus fasciatus, including the many varieties that appear in only one defined habitat such as Matecumbe Key or Key Vaca, are described.

This remarkable compilation of available information on these snails contains abundant reference material for scientists, but it is written in an informal style that will appeal to shell aficionados and amateur naturalists alike. Enthusiasts also will be interested to learn that the shells can be seen on walks through the forests of Everglades National Park and the hammocks of the Pinecrest area, and even from the road in several places in the Keys.

Henry T. Close is director of the Milton H. Erickson Institute in Atlanta. He is the author of Metaphor in Psychotherapy (1999) and a lifetime collector and student of Liguus snails.

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"Enthusiastic collectors will, no doubt, find this book useful in order to be able to put numerous names to their shells." - Journal of Conchology
--Journal of Conchology

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