Studies of the Wild Turkey in Florida

Lovett E. Williams and David H. Austin

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"Certain to become a standard reference work on any game bird-management shelf of essential books."--J.W. Hardy, Curator in Ornithology, Florida State Museum

"I doubt that anyone knows the wild turkey better than Lovett Williams and David Austin. Their years of research and experience with this magnificent American game bird are crystallized in this book. I learned more about the biology and ecology of the wild turkey and the turkey hunter in the few hours it took to read it than I had learned in a lifetime."--Herbert W. Kale II, Florida Audubon Society

Studies of the Wild Turkey in Florida contains the results of 22 related, in-depth studies on the ecology, morphology, behavior, and management of the wild turkey in Florida. The authors describe management and research methodology invented or perfected during the course of the studies, including techniques for capturing and handling wild turkeys, radio-tracking and other markings, and observation blinds. Major topics include a description of the molting processes, reproductive behavior of the hen, life history and physical development, observation with emphasis on the nesting and brood periods, effects of sport hunting, and physical characteristics. There are recommendations for setting hunting regulations, a chapter on harvest management, and a synopsis of research and management needs.

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