A Field Guide and Identification Manual for Florida and Eastern U.S. Tiger Beetles

Paul M. Choate, Jr.

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"There are now three essentials for any beetle enthusiast's trip to Florida: sun tan lotion, mosquito dope, and this book!"--Gary Dunn, author of The Insect Identification Guide

"Lavishly illustrated, authoritatively well-written . . . the finest single-state guide to tiger beetles that is currently available, and the chapter on Florida's geologic history as it relates to the tiger beetles is absolutely tantalizing."--Ronald L. Huber, cofounder and editor of Cicindela

Often referred to as the butterflies of the beetle world, the active and brilliantly colored tiger beetles are the most recognizable and sought-after group of beetles in the field.
Countless hours of intensive field work culminate in this illustrated and comprehensive field guide to tiger beetles in Florida and the eastern United States. For every species, Paul Choate provides color photographs of living specimens and habitats (227 in all) taken in the wild, biological notes, and 70 detailed maps indicating the species' distribution ranges. A traditional identification key is included for those wishing to identify specimens using morphological criteria. The guide also contains an overview of the effects of Florida's geological history on the present-day distributions of the tiger beetles, a brief section for nature photographers, a discussion of the current conservation issues regarding these beetles, and an extensive reference list for those wishing to delve into more detail.

Unlike previous field guides, which have been both technical in nature and limited in range, Choate's guide serves both specialist and nonspecialist alike in identifying tiger beetles throughout Florida and the eastern United States. Beetle enthusiasts and collectors, entomologists, biologists, naturalists, and nature photographers will find this guide a must for the identification, collection, and research of these prized beetles.

Paul M. Choate is currently a lecturer in entomology at the University of Florida.

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