From the Swamp to the Keys
A Paddle through Florida History

Johnny Molloy

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"Johnny Molloy's tale of his amazing modern-day paddling adventure is woven with a wealth of interesting information about natural and historic Florida. After I put down the book, I was inspired to pick up my paddle."--Brad Manley, Paddle Florida!

Johnny Molloy, author of several best-selling outdoor guides to Florida, is always game for adventure. In his latest, he travels the Sunshine State from north to south along some of its most famous rivers, swamps, salt marshes, and open waters in search of Florida's disappearing history.

This personal travelogue of his two-month expedition begins in a canoe at the Okefenokee Swamp, headwaters of Florida's best-known river. Paddling the dark Suwannee, Molloy curves through the scenic and sometimes wild Big Shoals, past sparkling clear springs--Troy and Turtle and Rock Bluff and more--to the Gulf of Mexico, where he transfers his grub, life jacket, and portable computer into a sea kayak. He continues past Tampa Bay into the Everglades and then heads due south, ending his voyage at Long Key and the Atlantic Ocean.

Molloy focuses here on the state's history, human and natural, and on the interplay between the land and the water around it. He describes attempts made through the centuries to explore them, conquer them, and, finally, to coexist with and preserve them. He also invites readers to eavesdrop on his conversations with characters along the way, from anglers on the Suwannee River to crabbers off the shore of Everglades City.

Best of all, Molloy invites readers to join him on this remarkable excursion -- either from their armchairs, following his references to bridges, highways, and towns along the route and charting his journey on the maps provided, or by taking to the water themselves--to soak up the sunshine and soft Florida air, to listen to the evening frogs and crickets, and to ponder the mystery of what has been lost in Florida and what might yet be saved.

Johnny Molloy is the author of 17 books.

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"an exhilarating exploration of Florida's natural wonders, the state's eventful history and the colorful characters who inhabit it… Molloy's vivid writing and curiosity about people and places make his readers a partner in his expedition." - Tampa Tribune
--Tampa Tribune

"A personal travelogue of his two-month canoe and kayak expedition, from north to south, beginning at Georgia's Okefenokee Swamp and ending in the Florida Keys. Traveling to the Gulf of Mexico via Florida's best known river - the magical Suwannee River . . . . This is an interesting summer read. Enjoy!
--SW Florida

" This book will make you want to grab a paddle and take the waters yourself."
--Florida Living

"Molloy's leisurely prose meanders much like the rivers he travels, dipping briefly into historical facts and anecdotes." "The author's descriptions of life far from traffic jams and big-box stores provide a certain respite, even if you can't follow his path."
--Weekly Planet

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