Dolphins, Whales, and Manatees of Florida
A Guide to Sharing Their World

John E. Reynolds III and Randall S. Wells

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"An excellent job of presenting complex information on marine mammal biology, conservation, and wildlife protection laws in an elegant and comprehensive manner. Their helpful suggestions will engage and inspire the reader to take positive action for the protection of marine mammals and their environment."--Trevor R. Spradlin, National Marine Fisheries Service

Dolphins, Whales, and Manatees of Florida is the book of choice for anyone interested in an identification guide and general reference to marine mammal biology, conservation, and governmental protective regulations. Written by two scientists who are recognized as international leaders and pioneers in marine mammal research and conservation--and the foremost authorities on marine mammals in Florida--the book will inform people how their activities affect marine mammals and what they can do to help safeguard the environment of Florida.

John Reynolds and Randall Wells present important scientific information (accompanied by photographs), conservation principles, and wildlife protection laws in a way that will be easy for the general reader to follow and understand. Their skillful presentation of the issues will engage and inspire the reader to take positive action for the protection of marine mammals and their environment.

The basic species descriptions and natural history include all of Florida's marine mammals and the occasional visitor to Florida waters:

• Florida manatee

• bottlenose dolphin

• Atlantic spotted dolphin

• pygmy and dwarf sperm whales

• northern right whale

• clymene or short-snouted spinner dolphin

• spinner dolphin

• rough-toothed dolphin

• Risso's dolphin

• short-finned pilot whale

• false killer whale

• pygmy killer whale

• beaked whales

• goosebeak whale

• sperm whale

• humpback whale

• pinnipeds

For the general public and ecotourists as well as students, teachers, and marine educators, Dolphins, Whales, and Manatees of Florida is the primary reference for marine mammal biology and conservation and a guide to wildlife protection laws.

John E. Reynolds III is manatee research program manager at Mote Marine Laboratory, Sarasota, and professor of marine science at Eckerd College. Author of 150 publications and several books, he has served as chairman of the U.S. Marine Mammal Commission since his appointment by President George Bush in 1991.

Randall S. Wells is a behavioral ecologist with the Chicago Ecological Society, director of the Center for Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Research at Mote Marine Laboratory, and adjunct associate professor of ocean sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He has authored or coauthored more than 100 scientific books and articles.

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" I urge you to purchase a copy before you start out your trip along the West and east coasts of Florida and Key West. [ . . . ] You will learn so many interesting things about the dolphins, whales and manatees, along with awesome first-hand photos. "
--News Chief

"A tool that any aquatic enthusiast shouldn't be without."
--The Villages Sun

"A lesson to be learned from this book is that the people of Florida share the habitat of all plants and wildlife and not the other way around."
--Aquatic Mammals

"Recommended for anyone interested in the protection of marine mammals."

"Enjoyable and informative." "The book's strong suit is its ability to inform and engage the reader to become involved in the conservation of the magnificent animals that share the waters with us."
--Journal of Mammalogy

"Easy-to-consult." "For concerned citizens and others who wish to gain knowledge of Florida's marine mammals."
--Southeastern Naturalist

"A valuable book."
--The Quarterly Review of Biology

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