Wild Orchids of the Prairies and Great Plains Region of North America

Paul Martin Brown with original artwork by Stan Folsom

Foreword by Lawrence K. Magrath

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"The first thorough treatment of the native orchids of the prairie and Great Plains region . . . brings together information which is scattered in a variety of sources, many of which are hard to obtain or inaccessible to the general public . . . an invaluable tool for the serious enthusiast and an important resource for the more casual hobbyist."--Douglas F. Martin, Penn Valley Community College, Kansas City, Missouri

Native orchid expert and author Paul Martin Brown continues his successful series on the wild orchids of North America with Wild Orchids of the Prairies and Great Plains Region. Whether beginner or professional, curious orchid hunters will be able to locate the more than 64 species, 9 varieties, 8 hybrids, and 71 forms to be found in the wide variety of this region's local habitats. Brown reveals the best spots to search for the orchids he describes and offers expert advice on how to plan and execute an enjoyable (and environmentally responsible) outing. As in Brown's previous guides, all information is presented in a simple, straightforward style and with ample illustration for proper identification.

Each species and variety is colorfully illustrated with photographs, a diagnostic line drawing, a distribution map, and a complete description of its habitat, range, and flowering time. Specific attention has been paid to the numerous growth and color forms, and a full, detailed list of synonyms for each species is included in a separate section. Brown discusses new concepts in taxonomy and the place of hybrids and provides a comprehensive list of recent literature references and a bibliography. He also addresses the unique species found in the continent's isolated prairie regions, including the "prairie islands" of the southeastern United States.

Geographical coverage includes North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, the prairies and plains portions of Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and similar areas in the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Paul Martin Brown is a research associate at the University of Florida Herbarium, Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville. The founder and editor of the North American Native Orchid Journal, he is the author of several books about native orchids, including Wild Orchids of Florida, The Wild Orchids of North America, North of Mexico, Wild Orchids of the Southeastern United States, North of Peninsular Florida, Wild Orchids of the Canadian Maritimes and Northern Great Lakes Region, and Wild Orchids of the Pacific Northwest and Canadian Rockies. Stan Folsom is a watercolorist and botanical illustrator whose work appears in the books cited above.

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Though many associate orchids with tropical forest ecosystems, native orchid expert Paul Brown has ably documented and described the rare beauties growing on the prairies and Great Plains of North America.
--Chicago Botanic Garden

The prairie states may seem an unlikely habitat for a plant often perceived as tropical, but more than 70 species and varieties grow in the wild within this region, of which 23 are found in Nebraska.
--Nebraska Life

This attractive orchid book will help make people aware of some of the beautiful species we will lose if we continue to abuse "our sea of grass."
--Great Plains Research

If this book has any shortcomings, we could not find them. This is an excellent book.
--Plan Science Bulletin

"In all volumes over 300 color photographs and user-friendly text bring these elusive, beautiful flowers to life."
--American Reference Books Annual

--Natural Areas Journal

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