Wild Orchids of the Northeast
New England, New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey

Paul Martin Brown with original artwork by Stan Folsom

Foreword by William Kent Chapman

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"Combines all the best features of an easy-to-use field guide with the most recent information available on the taxonomy, distribution, and conservation of wild orchids. The regional nature of this guide assures that the flowering dates and habitats listed are accurate for the Northeast, providing the reader with maximum assistance to find and enjoy orchids in the wild."--William Kent Chapman, author, Orchids of the Northeast: A Field Guide

"The author has created a guide that will expand the world of orchids to the hobbyist, student, naturalist, and researcher alike."--John Carmody, VMD, outdoor activity guide and orchid hobbyist

In a complete revision and expansion of his previous work on the subject, Paul Martin Brown incorporates 10 years of additional research and fieldwork in this expanded guide to the wild orchids in the entire Northeast. Now including all of Pennsylvania and New Jersey (a state never before covered in its entirety), the guide spans the region from the southern Pennsylvania border to the northern tip of Maine, and includes features on areas of special interest: the Northwoods (bog, fen, and boreal forest), the Connecticut River Valley, central New York State, metropolitan Boston, Cape Cod and eastern Long Island, the New Jersey pinelands and Cape May, and the Alleghenies of Pennsylvania.

Enhancing the text are 300+ photos illustrating the orchids and color forms and hybrids (several previously unpublished), 79 color distribution maps, along with regional orchid hunting maps, additional drawings, and original paintings by Stan Folsom. The guide covers 79 species and varieties, 88 forms, and 15 hybrids and provides full treatment of synonymy and species pairs. More experienced enthusiasts will appreciate this treatment of potentially confusing specimens and will find that the literature review provides a valuable resource to anyone interested in orchid taxonomy. The guide also provides quick access to locally useful information via state-by-state species checklists, species rarity and conservation information, regional flowering time charts, a hunting guide that divides the Northeast into regional habitats and hot spots, and a special tribute to the late Philip E. Keenan.

Combining the attractive and useful tools of a field guide with additional features for serious researchers, writers, and taxonomists, this is the ideal companion for casual hikers and dedicated orchid hunters alike--a handy, authoritative guide for the northeastern states.

Paul Martin Brown is a research associate at the University of Florida Herbarium, Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville, and at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas.

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…authored by one of the foremost orchidologists of the region and contains a wealth of information…
--North American Native Orchid Journal

…authored by one of the foremost orchidologists of the region and contains a wealth of information…
--Journal of the Torrey Botanical Club (NYBG)

…authored by one of the foremost orchidologists of the region and contains a wealth of information…
--Long Island Botanical Society Newsletter

…what makes the books so unique is that they make the world of orchid exploration accessible to the novice--as well as the full-blown orchid hunters.
--Sanford-Springvale Register

" Through his list of the sighting possibilities, his choice of photographs, and his hints on where to explore, Brown entices one to pack up the camera, the maps, and his field guide and head out on an orchid-seeking adventure."
--Plant Science Bulletin 54(1)

"An appreciated addition to regional orchid field guides."
--Natural Areas Journal

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