The Seaweeds of Florida

Clinton J. Dawes and Arthur C. Mathieson

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"At last! A complete and modern treatment of the seaweeds of Florida with descriptions, keys, and figures of the rich assemblage of marine algal species occurring in the diverse habitats of the Florida coastline."--Michael Wynne, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

"There has been a rich history of algal studies in Florida which is synthesized in this volume. The authors are to be commended for producing a volume which will be an indispensable resource."--David L. Ballantine, University of Puerto Rico

The product of nearly thirty years of research, The Seaweeds of Florida offers an invaluable, illustrated reference to all known seaweed taxa found in Florida coastal waters. This volume will provide a helpful aid for researchers in Florida as well as the Caribbean and the southeastern United States.

Authors Clinton Dawes and Arthur Mathieson detail the taxonomy, morphology, and cytology, plus the ecology and distribution patterns, of 674 species. In addition, they provide keys to the genera and keys to species within the genera, a glossary of difficult terms, an explanation or derivations of the scientific names, an impressive literature compilation including sources for further information, and excellent line drawings for each species.

Clinton J. Dawes is Distinguished Research Professor of Biology at the University of South Florida. Arthur C. Mathieson is professor of plant biology at the University of New Hampshire.

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" Valuable for algal systematists, marine environment professionals, and institutions with graduate-level marine programs. "

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