Sacred Waters

Steven Earl

Foreword by Susan Cerulean
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"The Ichetucknee is Florida's sacred river, and no artist I know has captured its beauty more impressively than Steve Earl. This remarkable collection of images reflects real commitment and connection: a twenty-year testimonial born of water and blessed with soul."--John Moran, author/photographer of Journal of Light

"Steve Earl artistically celebrates one of Florida's most pristine rivers. . . . His artistic wisdom reflects nature in its purest, deepest, and most delicate form. He is truly a sacred waters poet with his camera and palette."--James Valentine, author of Florida's Magnificent Wilderness

"For more than twenty years the Ichetucknee has flowed into and through Steven Earl's life. This book of photographs and paintings are his effort to share and spread his affection for this extraordinary jewel of nature in order to create a broader public understanding of the Ichetucknee's vulnerability."--Al Burt, author of Al Burt's Florida

"Steve Earl is an exceptionally gifted photographer and intimately acquainted with the Ichetucknee River. No one who loves Florida's outdoors will want to be without this book."--Tim Ohr, author of numerous titles in the Florida's Fabulous nature book series

The Ichetucknee River--a first-magnitude spring system located in north central Florida--is the premier tubing destination in the United States with more than 200,000 visitors annually. But it is increasingly threatened by pollution.

Steven Earl has chronicled the Ichetucknee through his writing, paintings, and photography for over twenty years. In this book he has created a visual record of the river's inspirational beauty. He and other celebrated environmental writers also provide a description of the unique geology and hydrology of the region, the challenges threatening the Ichetucknee today, and methods to promote watchful stewardship of the river so that its beauty will be preserved for generations to come. Poems celebrating the river are interspersed among the paintings and photographs.

Photographer/artist Steven Earl is a ranger with the Florida Park Service.

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"Captures the essence of the Ichetucknee, while noting the environmental challenges currently threatening the river".
--Lake City Journal

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