Ethnographies and Archaeologies
Iterations of the Past

Edited by Lena Mortensen and Julie Hollowell

Foreword by Paul A. Shackel
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"Very few books have captured the sophisticated nuances of heritage and the past in ways that will attract archaeologists, cultural anthropologists, and others in allied fields, but Mortensen and Hollowell have mastered this with a highly readable, deeply analytical, and remarkably diverse volume."--Stephen W. Silliman, University of Massachusetts-Boston

"A very welcome addition to the literature of several related discourses: ethnography, heritage, public archaeology, and applied anthropology. The well-chosen, varied case studies are theoretically robust, critical, reflexive, methodologically clear and well-written, and the commentaries push the ideas explored in the case studies in stimulating new directions."--Carol McDavid, University of Houston

Ethnographies and Archaeologies explores the many different ways that the archaeological past is used to create meaning in the present. Under the guidance of editors Lena Mortensen and Julie Hollowell, the contributors seek to de-center or reposition the role of archaeologists and archaeological practice in constructing the past.

A major focus of the volume is to examine how the past is mediated by social engagements in the present and the consequences of those encounters. It is positioned at the forefront of a growing trend to explore the intersection of archaeology and cultural anthropology.

Broadly arguing for the application of ethnography to the dialogue on archaeological heritage, the book considers how concepts of nationalism, identity politics, and cultural production affect how the past is shaped by archaeology.

Lena Mortensen is assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Toronto, Scarborough. Julie Hollowell is Schaenen visiting scholar at DePauw University.

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"A welcome addition that cultural anthropologists, archaeologists, heritage specialists, and museum professionals will find stimulating."

"The contributing authors of this provocative, multifaceted, and overall excellent collection straddle the divide between the two anthropological subfields, but clearly those of the contributors who identify as archaeologists are not camera-shy, so to speak, when it comes to innovative theoretical advances in cultural anthropology." "Stimulates a very timely and necessary thinking and rethinking of many issues."
--Journal of Anthropological Research, vol. 66

"[This] excellent volume joins other edited collections and journal volumes exploring how we archaeologists do--and might do--public archaeologies, community collaboration, civic engagement, and applied anthropology."
--Northeast Historical Archaeology

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