Manuscript Genetics, Joyce's Know-How, Beckett's Nohow

Dirk Van Hulle

Foreword by Sebastian D. G. Knowles, Series Editor

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"A brilliant account of genetic criticism in general and of Joyce's and Beckett's manuscripts and writing processes in particular. It will be welcomed by anyone interested in how two of the twentieth century's major writers produced their works and in the sophisticated ways that scholars are now studying manuscripts."--Michael Groden, University of Western Ontario

"A must for anyone wishing to reap the rich rewards of rigorous manuscript research and delve into what it reveals of the writing process."--Lois Oppenheim, Montclair State University

By taking the principles of manuscript genetics and using them to engage in a comparative study of James Joyce and Samuel Beckett, Dirk Van Hulle has produced a provocative work that re-imagines the links between the two authors. His elegant readings reveal that the most striking similarities between these two lie not in their nationality or style but in their shared fascination with the process of revision.

Van Hulle's thoughtful application of genetic theory--the study of a work from manuscript to final form in its various iterations--marks a new phase in this dynamic field of inquiry. As one of only a handful of books in English dealing with this emerging area of study, Manuscript Genetics, Joyce's Know-How, Beckett's Nohow will be indispensable not only to Joyce and Beckett scholars but also to anyone interested in genetic criticism.

Dirk Van Hulle is associate professor of English at the University of Antwerp.

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"Pick up this most insightful and engaging book and be duly enlightened."
--James Joyce Literary Supplement

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