High Seas Wranglers
The Lives of Atlantic Fishing Captains

Terry L. Howard

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"Whizzing hand lines, dangerous waters, and all-day hauls put you in touch with the lives of the people like Terry and the Kingfish Captains. A must-read."--Gary Poyssick, founder of TheOnlineFisherman.com

"Captures the classic storytelling style of these seamen. The catch grows a little longer, a little heavier, and a little meaner when the tale is retold. I love it."--Ed Killer, outdoors writer, Scripps Newspapers

Take to the sea with Captain Terry Howard, who will introduce you to some of the best-known commercial and charter fishing captains in Florida. Their gritty, rich, and astonishing stories will have readers holding fast with each true tale of adventure on the water.

In interviews with Terry Howard, Captains Tristram Colket, A. J. Brown, Ray Perez, Glenn Cameron, and George Kaul share their stories about hunting swordfish, kingfish, sharks, tuna, and billfish. These fishermen have long been a part of the maritime life and culture of Florida, but today their livelihood is challenged and their industry is fading. Alongside firsthand accounts of heroics and adventure, they share the reasons they’ve chosen a life away from the land, as well as their opinions about drift nets and falling fish populations. Sharing their experience with commercial handline mackerel fishing, commercial longline swordfish and shark fishing, and with the growth of charter fishing on Florida’s eastern seaboard, they provide insights into a fascinating world.

Gutsy fishing exploits like the ones in High Seas Wranglers are usually passed down through storytelling alone. This book preserves a thrilling history that would otherwise be lost.

Terry L. Howard is a retired school teacher and a licensed commercial fishing captain. He is the author of Great Kingfish Captains of Fort Pierce, Florida, Tell Their Stories.

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“Captures the harrowing close calls and boisterous spirit of chasing the big catch on the Atlantic Coast, and brings these modern adventures to life.”
--Boat U.S. Magazine

“I enjoy reading about people and adventure, and boy, is this book packed with both.”
--Lynn Waddell

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