America's Wetland

Mac Stone

Foreword by Michael Grunwald
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"Fervent and stirring."--David Yarnold, president and CEO, National Audubon Society

"Stone's spectacular photography captures the splendor of America's Everglades. His remarkable book is convincing proof that our nation cannot risk losing this unique natural wonder."--Eric Eikenberg, CEO, Everglades Foundation

"Everglades takes us into the lives of elusive species living far from the boardwalks and tourist trails. With the mind of a scientist, eyes of an artist, and the heart of an adventurer, Stone bears witness to the unrivaled beauty of America's wetland."--Carlton Ward Jr., founder, Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition

"What Mac Stone has done in pictures is akin to what Marjory Stoneman Douglas did with words, and our understanding and appreciation of the Everglades has once again been transformed."--John Moran, author of Journal of Light

"Showcases the natural beauty of the Everglades region and touches upon the critical issues that face resource managers today. It offers a dynamic visual experience and gives a very moving account of this often misunderstood national treasure."--Roger Hammer, author of A Falcon Guide to Everglades National Park and the Surrounding Area

"Mac Stone's photographs capture the essence of the Everglades, a vast and unique natural area that continues to be threatened by commercial interests."--Jerald Milanich, coauthor of Enchantments: Julian Dimock's Photographs of Southwest Florida

From Lake Okeechobee to Florida Bay, from inside the bone-crushing jaws of an alligator to the storms that race across the blackwater backcountry, award-winning conservation photographer Mac Stone takes us on a visual journey through the Everglades. More than 200 striking photographs showcase the natural beauty of this unique wetland, capturing the amazing depths of its landscapes, the diversity of its wildlife, and the resilience of the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States.

Aerial views highlight the vast expanse of the River of Grass. Underwater images capture the endless wonders of the Everglades, including sharks darting through mangrove roots. Intimate close-ups showcase awe-inspiring flora and fauna such as the ghost orchid, the Florida panther, the endangered Everglades snail kite, roseate spoonbills, and, of course, the majestic American alligator.

As a biologist for the National Audubon Society, Stone traveled to the most remote areas of the Everglades to collect these images. With his camera, he explored Everglades National Park, Corkscrew Swamp, Fisheating Creek, and dozens of sites that few are permitted to visit. His stunning photographs capture the innumerable facets of this ecological marvel while speaking to the importance of wilderness conservation and the need to protect these amazingly wild wetlands.

In a special foreword, Michael Grunwald introduces readers to a short history of the Everglades, from the immense amount of developing and restructuring it has endured to a discussion of the dangers inherent to destroying such an important ecosystem. Grunwald breaks down just how crucial Everglades restoration is, not only for Florida but as a litmus test for other watersheds around the world.

Exclusive essays from the top minds in Everglades conservation appear throughout the book, opening an even wider perspective on Stone's powerful photographs. With its stellar selection of informative writings, together with images that have wowed National Geographic, the BBC, NPR, as well as magazines and newspapers across the globe, Everglades provides a rare glimpse at the world’s most famous wetland.

Mac Stone is an award-winning conservation photographer who specializes in documenting the Everglades and America's swamps. His images have appeared in countless domestic and international publications, including National Geographic Traveler, BBC Wildlife, Nature's Best Magazine, Outdoor Photographer, Audubon Magazine, and National Parks Magazine.
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Florida Book Award for Visual Arts, Silver - 2014
SIBA Book Award Long List - 2015

A visual feast, illuminating a weird and wondrous place in many moods. At the same time, the book shows a region at risk. Many Florida residents, environmentalists, and photographers will be moved by this presentation.
--Library Journal

Makes clear that the Everglades, once thought to be nothing more than a soggy wasteland, richly deserves to be considered a national treasure.
--Bird Watching

Everglades: America’s Wetlands place[s] readers inside the River of Grass.
--Gainesville Sun

From intimate wildlife close-ups to sweeping aerial views, the gorgeous photo book treats readers to a swoon-worthy experience.
--Mother Nature Network

A perfect book for anyone who loves Florida’s natural beauty. It’s packed with stunning photos, from aerial vistas to closeup details of flora and fauna, and lots of information about the critically imperiled Everglades.
--The Ledger

Stone’s book may be the best opportunity to experience the Everglades in advance of heading down to wet a line in its iconic waters yourself.
--Hatch Magazine

Serve[s] as a meditative road map to this once pristine wonder… in a very tangible way, he’s carrying on Marjory Stoneman Douglas’ legacy in the effort to restore, conserve and protect the Everglades.
--Sex and the Beach (blog)

Mac Stone, a biologist with the National Audubon Society, offers breathtaking and intimate views of the River of Grass in this book, which features more than 200 of his photographs and a few essays to help us remember the jewel to the west.
--Miami Herald

Conservationists, admirers of stunning photography, and those interested in the history of the Sunshine State will all find jewels in this compendium about one of the world’s most famous wetlands, which happens to be in our own backyards.
--Florida Times-Union

Combines decades of experience to reveal the importance of maintaining support for the world’s greatest wetland restoration project.The first publication tailored for the public that unites the aesthetics, science, culture, and ecological importance of the greater Everglades.
--Florida Wildlife Corridor

Stone’s photography documents all that the Everglades has to offer and why protecting it should be a national priority, an especially important endeavor for those who may never get to visit it.
--Mother Nature Network

Stunning vistas of this subtropical wilderness [that] make it alive again in our consciousness.
--Central Florida Ag News

Full of photographs that demonstrate why we love to live in and explore Florida.
--Florida Rambler

A wonderful documentation of this unique subtropical wilderness.
--Blue Think Dive

Exposes stunning and rare glimpses of Florida’s subtropical environment.

These compelling photographs and accompanying essays from some of the Everglades’ greatest advocates provide a glimpse into the beauty and variety of flora and fauna found in Florida’s River of Grass.
--NPR Morning Edition

This gorgeous "coffee-table" book has stunning photographs with descriptive commentary about one of America’s natural treasure.
--The Compendium Newsletter

Stone’s magnificent photos are complemented by his captivating presentation style. Through his fist-hand knowledge, enthusiasm and wit, he tells the Everglades story in a refreshing and hopeful way.
--On Top of the World News

A window into the beauty inherent in every aspect of this unique natural resource. It could easily be overlooked as a coffee-table book, but it goes a step beyond that by displaying a compelling story on every page, leaving readers with a better understanding of the reasons why the Everglades need restoration and protection. . . .Highly recommended.

Armchair travelers and art lovers will appreciate "Evergaldes: America’s Wetland."
--Bradenton Herald

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