Sallie Ann Robinson's Kitchen
Food and Family Lore from the Lowcountry

Sallie Ann Robinson

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“Part personal narrative, part culinary and cultural archive, [Robinson’s] newest cookbook . . . documents the variety of dishes passed down through Gullah families for generations.”—Southern Living
“A book to treasure as both a cultural history resource and a tempting cookbook. Robinson attracts with her recipes, but sets the hook with her immersive descriptions of a unique American place and time, noting that ‘One of the best ways to remember history is to taste it.’”—Foreword Reviews
"Robinson is an inviting and charming guide, as she introduces classic seafood-focused recipes for salads (shrimp, tomato, and red onion), sides (seafood fried rice with crabmeat, oysters, and shrimp), and basic mains such as a blue crab stew, crispy fried grouper, or shrimp and blue crab burgers. . . . This delightful cookbook also serves as an excellent regional culinary history.”—Publishers Weekly
“Featuring southern favorites like Grandmomma’s seafood gumbo, southern smuttered fried chicken, or country fried steak with brown gravy, Robinson’s recipes include easy-to-follow steps and accessible ingredients. . . . Robinson’s pride in her culture is evident in these recipes that reflect her heritage.”—Booklist
“This authentic collection of recipes is a hymn of praise not only to Gullah food but also to the ancient traditions of the West African culture still lingering in the Lowcountry of the American South.”—Cassandra King Conroy, author of The Same Sweet Girls
“Deliciously filled with mouthwatering recipes and heartfelt stories, this book is a cultural testament to genuine home-style Lowcountry cooking.”—Virginia Willis, James Beard Award–winning cookbook author and chef  
“Chock-full of old-fashioned wisdom and peppered with the unique and beautiful Gullah dialect, Sallie Ann Robinson’s Kitchen will feed your hungry soul with authentic Gullah cuisine.”—Katie Moseman, author of Fixin’ to Eat: Southern Cooking for the Southern at Heart  
“Robinson shines new light on ancestral wisdom from her elders and introduces the kind of imaginative cooking that Gullah families have cherished for generations.”—Toni Tipton-Martin, author of The Jemima Code: Two Centuries of African American Cookbooks
  “Robinson talks lovingly of growing up in a place where people didn’t have much but shared what they had. She describes meals made from what her family could raise, kill, grow, or catch on land and sea. Life was hard, but life was rich and beautiful on Daufuskie Island.” —Martha Nesbit, author of Savannah Celebrations: Simple Southern Party Menus  
“A well-seasoned culinary and historical tour of the Gullah culture of the South Carolina Lowcountry.” —Polly Powers Stramm, author of Bless Your Heart & Mind Your Mama: Sassy, Sweet and Silly Southernisms
In her third cookbook, Sallie Ann Robinson brings readers to the dinner table in South Carolina’s Lowcountry. Born and raised on the small, remote island of Daufuskie, Robinson shares the food and foodways from her Gullah upbringing.  
The Gullah of Daufuskie and the surrounding Sea Islands—descendants of enslaved West Africans and mostly isolated from the mainland—depended on hunting, fishing, and gardening. Robinson’s recipes are passed down through generations living off the land, and her lively stories capture “the island ways of doin.” She enriches regional staples with her own flair in recipes like Belly-Fillin Carolina Country Boil, Island Pineapple and Coconut Chicken, Gullah Chicken Gumbo, ’Fuskie Shrimp and Blue Crab Burger, and Sautéed Cabbage with Sweet Onion.  
As memories of this traditional way of life fade, Sallie Ann Robinson’s Kitchen helps preserve the food, culture, and community of Daufuskie and the Sea Islands.  
Sallie Ann Robinson is the author of Gullah Home Cooking the Daufuskie Way: Smokin’ Joe Butter Beans, Ol’ ’Fuskie Fried Crab Rice, Sticky-Bush Blackberry Dumpling, and Other Sea Island Favorites and Cooking the Gullah Way, Morning, Noon, and Night and coauthor of Daufuskie Island. She is a sixth-generation Gullah born on Daufuskie Island in South Carolina and has dedicated herself to chronicling and sharing Gullah recipes, dialect, and folklore. Her life and work have been showcased in National Geographic, Southern Living, Bon Appetit, Garden & Gun, and The South Magazine, among other publications. She has also appeared on the Food Network, the Travel Channel, and Georgia Public Broadcasting.
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