The War Worth Fighting
Abraham Lincoln's Presidency and Civil War America

Edited by Stephen D. Engle

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"Were the results of the Civil War worth its huge cost in lives and resources? The prominent historians in this thought-provoking volume lay a firm groundwork for answering the question in the affirmative."--James M. McPherson, author of Abraham Lincoln

"These perceptive essays remind modern Americans why Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War occupy a central place in our broader national history."--Gary W. Gallagher, author of The Union War

"Adds substantially to our understanding of Lincoln as commander, educator, manager, and model for Americans of his day and ours."--John David Smith, author of Lincoln and the U.S. Colored Troops

"Offers interpretations that may well challenge the conventional wisdom of many readers--a healthy exercise in understanding that our examination of even a well-traveled road can still be eye-opening."--John M. Belohlavek, author of Broken Glass: Caleb Cushing & the Shattering of the Union

This volume of original essays, featuring an all-star lineup of Civil War and Lincoln scholars, provides the most current interpretations of the period and the man thrust into its center. Perhaps no one who ever pledged to faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and defend the Constitution faced such fundamental challenges. The contributors to this volume examine how Lincoln actively and consciously managed the war--diplomatically, militarily, and in the realm of what we might now call public relations--and in doing so, reshaped and redefined the fundamental role of the president.

Stephen D. Engle is professor of history and director of the Alan B. Larkin Symposium on the American Presidency at Florida Atlantic University.
A volume in the Alan B. Larkin Series on the American Presidency
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Breaks some new scholarly ground and is a worthy contribution to the literature on the era . . . [and assembles] an impressive cast of contributors, a who’s who of Lincoln and Civil War scholars who weigh in on a wide range of topics.

Offers interpretations of Lincoln and the Civil War which argue that despite the immense toll in blood and treasure, the effort was worth it.
--Civil War Book Review

A chance to have a little taste of several of the most recognized Civil War scholars around.
--Journal of America’s Military Past

Important....for those interested in accounts of the diplomatic history of the war, Lincoln and wartime reconstruction, Lincoln’s views of citizenship, the broad context of the market revolution in the Civil War era, and the role of the Copperheads in the conflict.
--Journal of Southern History

A strong selection of essays . . . that give a nice snapshot of current scholarship on a variety of important topics related to Lincoln and the political culture of the Civil War North.
--The Historian

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