Flora of Florida, Volume IV
Dicotyledons, Combretaceae through Amaranthaceae

Richard P. Wunderlin, Bruce F. Hansen, and Alan R. Franck

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Praise for volumes I, II, and III

"An invaluable source. . . . Wunderlin's guide brings together his years of work with the flora of Florida."--Choice

"An extremely valuable reference for professional biologists, naturalists, natural resource managers, and plant lovers."--Economic Botany

"A monumental undertaking and a definitive and up-to-date treatise on Florida's dicotyledons. There is a fantastic wealth of information for every family and every species."--Walter Kingsley Taylor, author of Florida Wildflowers: A Comprehensive Guide

This fourth volume of the Flora of Florida collection continues the definitive and comprehensive identification manual to the Sunshine State's 4,000 kinds of native and nonnative ferns and fern allies, nonflowering seed plants, and flowering seed plants. Volume IV contains the taxonomic treatments of 31 families of Florida's dicotyledons.

With keys to family, genus, and species, and with families arranged alphabetically for easy reference, the Flora of Florida volumes are the standard reference for botanists, researchers, consultants, and students alike.

Richard P. Wunderlin is professor emeritus of biology at the University of South Florida. Bruce F. Hansen is curator emeritus of biology at the University of South Florida Herbarium. Together, Wunderlin and Hansen have coauthored Flora of Florida, Volumes I, II, and III, and Guide to the Vascular Plants of Florida, third edition. Alan R. Franck is director and curator of the University of South Florida Herbarium and with Wunderlin and Hansen is coauthor of the Atlas of Florida Plants website.
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A valuable resource for those interest[ed] in understanding species diversity in the region. . . . Flora of Florida provides us with a significant resource to identify, study, and appreciate Florida’s unique flora.
--Economic Botany

This volume and its companions are important contributions to floristic documentation in North America.
--Canadian Field Naturalist

Descriptions of taxa are thorough and useful.
--Plant Science Bulletin

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