The Florida Manatee
Biology and Conservation, Second Edition

Roger L. Reep and Robert K. Bonde

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Praise for the first edition:  
“The conception of the simple sea cow is being turned on its head by the recent work of Roger L. Reep. . . . Where earlier scientists saw in the manatee’s brain the evidence of deficient intelligence, Dr. Reep sees evolution’s shaping of an animal perfectly adapted to its environment.”—New York Times  
“Reep and Bonde, each with more than 20 years of experience researching the manatee, have produced an introduction to these secretive animals for the general reader. Covering all aspects of manatee biology, they delve into both the scientific literature and the anecdotes of fellow manatee researchers to create an entertaining and comprehensive primer on manatee biology. . . . Highly recommended.”—Booklist  
“The authors . . . have worked with this charismatic and enigmatic species for several decades, and the book reflects their breadth and depth of knowledge.”—Aquatic Mammals  
“The Florida manatee exemplifies the conflict between human affluence and wildlife. . . . Deserves thoughtful reading.”—Quarterly Review of Biology  
From two scientists who have been at the forefront of manatee research for over three decades, The Florida Manatee offers an engaging, accessible introduction to manatee biology, including communication, diet, long-distance migration, and much more.
This second edition is updated with new scientific research, as well as discussions of recent conservation efforts—largely driven by manatee injuries and deaths resulting from boat collisions—that have contributed to the robust growth of manatee numbers in Florida. It also includes the latest predictions for manatee populations and health in the future, both in Florida and worldwide. This is the perfect book for anyone seeking the most comprehensive, current information on this fascinating marine mammal.  
Roger L. Reep is a neuroscientist and emeritus professor in the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Florida. Robert K. Bonde is a research biologist and scientist emeritus with the U.S. Geological Survey Sirenia Project.
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