Florida's Edible Wild Plants
A Guide to Collecting and Cooking

Peggy Sias Lantz

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"Helps you learn to appreciate the bounty that Mother Nature serves up, from weeds to trees."--Ginny Stibolt, coauthor of Organic Methods for Vegetable Gardening in Florida

"An easy way to enjoy the common, healthful, and tasty edible plants growing around you."--Richard Wunderlin, coauthor of Guide to the Vascular Plants of Florida

"This dynamic handbook is easy to read and hard to put down."--Emily Ruff, director, Florida School of Holistic Living

Living off the land is a romantic idea, but in practice it can be confusing. So instead we buy nuts someone else picked for us, berries packaged hundreds of miles away, and greens that may or may not contain contaminants.

In Florida's Edible Wild Plants, Peggy Lantz demystifies the process of foraging to help you discover the wonder of finding and eating wild plants that grow right in your backyard. She shares her fifty years' experience studying and gathering wild edibles and bringing them to her family's table. This practical knowledge is interspersed with recipes and fun stories about searching for and finding new plants with her children and serving "weeds" to curious friends.

From acorns to wild sorrel, from duck potato soup to elderberry champagne, this easy-to-use guide provides general information about the most common wild edibles in Florida that are not only good for you but also good to eat. And the tips for preparing them are indispensable. Lantz offers specific advice for locating and harvesting the different edible parts of each plant, whether it’s gathering walnuts in the panhandle or making jelly from Keys coco plums.

Peggy Lantz is coauthor of Young Naturalist's Guide to Florida, The Florida Water Story.
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Provides a colorful foraging handbook for a state that really did not have one. . . . A solid, botanically-based foundation for anyone interested in wild edibles in Florida.
--Green Deane, EatTheWeeds.com

Through her new book, Florida’s Edible Wild Plants, Lantz shows there is food available to eat everywhere. You just have to know where to look.
--West Orange Times

An excellent foraging starter handbook. In a delightful writing style, Lantz merges botany, colorful anecdotes, and simple recipes.
--American Herb Association

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