Remembering Florida Springs

Tim Hollis

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Dive into the colorful past of Florida’s natural wonders!

"Hollis plunges readers into the nostalgic waters of Florida’s most famous springs. Lavishly illustrated with rare photos and flyers, this beautiful book celebrates the classic years of twentieth-century Florida tourism."--Brian R. Rucker, author of Treasures of the Panhandle: A Journey through West Florida

"A collection of quaint, curious, and sometimes wonderfully ridiculous advertisements and memorabilia from Florida’s ‘big five’ springs. This volume will delight readers who can remember these roadside attractions in their heyday and inspire current visitors to support their new incarnations as Florida State Parks."--Tracy J. Revels, author of Sunshine Paradise: A History of Florida Tourism

Discover the mermaids, alligators, underwater mountains, and glass-bottom and submarine boats of one of Florida’s most fascinating natural wonders! In this visual tour of the state’s five largest springs, collector-extraordinaire Tim Hollis brings together postcards, advertisements, brochures, signs, flyers, and souvenirs from the early days of these popular roadside attractions.

Since tourists first started visiting the Sunshine State, they were drawn to these liquid gems--Silver Springs, Wakulla Springs, Rainbow Springs, Weeki Wachee Spring, and Homosassa Springs. Commercially owned, the springs toed the line between mini theme park and natural attraction; today they are protected as state parks and continue to lure tourists and nature lovers alike.

Remembering Florida Springs explores the curious intersection of tourist mecca and wildlife wonderland. Sit back and take a tour of these unique and beloved features of the state’s natural landscape through eye-catching photographs and memorabilia. You may just want to change your next vacation plans and hop in your car to see Florida’s natural springs.

TIM HOLLIS is the author of several books, including Selling the Sunshine State: A Celebration of Florida Tourism Advertising, The Minibook of Minigolf, and Wish You Were Here: Classic Florida Motel and Restaurant Advertising.

A treasure trove of nostalgic postcards, advertisements, brochures, signs, flyers and souvenirs from the early days of the "big five" springs: Silver Springs, Wakulla Springs, Rainbow Springs, Weeki Wachee Spring and Homosassa Springs. . . . Whether you remember the Florida springs from your youth or you are seeing pictures of them for the first time, you will want to visit or revisit them after reading Remembering Florida Springs.
--St. Augustine Record

Offers readers a visual journey through the history behind the springs.
--Tampa Bay Magazine

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