American Government, Second Edition

Timothy O. Lenz and Mirya Holman

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“A good, solid textbook written in very easy-to-read language. For students who are required to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on textbooks every semester, having the Lenz and Holman text as an option is wonderful.  And the book is on par with the quality of those books that cost $100 or more. With the new Second Edition, all of the links and graphics have been updated, and recent events are covered, so the book is even more comprehensive than before.”—John Mercurio, San Diego State University
This exciting new book explores the role of government, politics, and policy in American lives. Full of real life applications and scenarios, this text encourages and enables political thinking.                
The second edition has been updated to include recent developments in U.S. politics and government. This includes the description and analysis of the 2016 elections as well as the early Trump administration. Chapters have expanded coverage of immigration policy, environmental policy, economic policy, and global affairs (including counterterrorism policy). The text also includes analysis of racial issues in contemporary American politics and law. It also addresses questions about the state of the economy, jobs, and wages.
Hyperlinks and URLs provide “deeper dives” into various topics and examples of comparative politics. 
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