Opening the Gates to Canal Cuisine
Preserving the American Era

Panama Canal Museum

Foreword by Judith Russell, UF George A. Smathers Libraries

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Gourmand International World Cookbook Awards, Selected to Represent Panama in the America Category
The transfer of the Panama Canal to the Republic of Panama at the end of 1999 marked the end of a special and unique relationship between the United States and Panama that endured over 96 years. It is important to note the significant roles played in the 20th Century by those two countries in the development of world commerce and to acknowledge the sacrifices and contributions made by the thousands of men and women who participated in this great enterprise.

The community of people who contributed to the Canal effort was wide and varied--American and Panamanian, French, West Indian, Spanish, European, Asian, Indian and many other nationalities all came together to help build the Canal. They and many of their descendants who stayed to work in Panama remain imbued with the rich and fascinating cultures of all the participating nations.

This incredible cookbook, filled with hundreds of recipes that were used by people of all nationalities during the American Era, represents the merging of all those cultures. It aims to preserve the unique cultural and historical heritage of those dedicated men and women who labored to make the Canal truly one of the World’s greatest accomplishments.

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Gourmand Cookbook Award - 2017

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