Florida Animals for Everyday Naturalists

Larry Allan

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"Allan's writing educates and his photos amaze. This book is a must for anyone who cares about the animals whose environment we share."--Bob Mudge, Venice Gondolier Sun

"An informative and entertaining introduction to Florida's unique and varied wildlife, with a focus on the conservation issues facing the animals and birds of Florida."--Jeff Miller, Conservation Advocate, Center for Biological Diversity

"These delightful stories of personal encounters with Florida wildlife allow readers to imagine or reminisce about their own wildlife adventures. They encourage exploration. Both new-to-Florida and long-time residents will enjoy this book."--Cris Costello, Regional Organizer for the Sierra Club

Did you know fawns have no scent, an evolutionary defense against predators? And that the eastern grey squirrel is a formidable swimmer, which makes them quite suited for the Sunshine State? And that, unlike other avians, Florida scrub jay families stay together for years, with older siblings helping to feed younger siblings?

Florida Animals for Everyday Naturalists contains everything you want to know about Florida's furry, feathered, scaled, and shelled friends. With lively personal essays and stunning photographs, Larry Allan introduces you to the array of wildlife you might encounter in your backyard, at the park, or on a jaunt at one of the state’s many wildlife refuges. Each chapter is dedicated to a specific animal, like the bobcat, the river otter, and the caracara, and paired with vivid photos to help you identify these creatures in the wild.

Allan's fascination with Florida fauna is contagious, and his reverence of nature is unmistakable. While sharing his whimsical, enlightening, and instructive anecdotes, he gently argues for wildlife preservation in Florida and for responsible human-animal interactions.

Perfect for young naturalists, inquisitive trekkers through the Sunshine State, or armchair adventurers, this book will help you appreciate the abundance of life right outside your door.

Larry Allan, a writer and photographer specializing in the wildlife of North America, is the recipient of the Sierra Club’s Ansel Adams Award. His photographs have appeared in Audubon, American Photo, Defenders, and many other magazines. He has also illustrated both the Wildcats and Wild Canines of North America book series.
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In addition to sharing his enlightening and instructive anecdotes, the author makes a gentle, yet persuasive argument for the importance of preserving the state’s wildlife and for responsible human-animal interactions. . . .May inspire you to head outdoors, explore and get to know the feathered, furry, scaled, and shelled friends around us.
--Venice Gulf Coast Living

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