Snorkeling Florida
50 Excellent Sites

Brad Bertelli

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From coral reefs to clear blue water, the best public sites throughout the state

"Almost as essential as your mask and fins if you want to really explore the Sunshine State's underwater world. Snorkeling Florida details snorkeling sites around the state, from the Panhandle's sugar-sand beaches to the reef-filled waters of the Keys."--Holly Ambrose, author of 30 Eco-Trips in Florida

"If you are interested in snorkeling in Florida, this book will tell you where to go, what you will see, and the equipment you will need to enjoy your experience."--Captain Peggy Goldberg

Avid snorkelers, families, and novices will find this guide to Florida snorkeling invaluable. Snorkeling Florida identifies fifty unique snorkeling sites from the Panhandle to the Keys. The best public sites throughout the state are featured, including coral reefs, sea-grass beds, shipwrecks, springs, and rivers. Snorkelers will be informed on where to go, what to bring, and what to expect.

Each site is described in detail and rated by difficulty (from beginner to advanced). Directions, boat ramp locations, physical characteristics of the site, likely animal life to be spotted, best times to explore, and the area's historical information are provided. Brad Bertelli also provides additional recommendations for local sightseeing at each location.

Throughout the book, Bertelli addresses questions and concerns about the use of equipment, questionable creatures such as sharks, alligators, jellyfish, and stingrays, the rules and regulations regarding harvesting of lobster and scallops, Diver Down flags, spear-fishing, and manatee interaction. He also offers advice to the novice on how to choose the proper gear and appropriate precautions to take before getting in the water.

Brad Bertelli is an award-winning writer and snorkeling enthusiast who lives in the Florida Keys.

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