Comparative Perspectives on Afro-Latin America

Edited by Kwame Dixon and John Burdick

Foreword by Howard Winant
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"This volume is long overdue, and at the cutting edge of scholarship. It is sure to become a standard reference."--Jerome Branche, author of Race, Colonialism, and Social Transformation in Latin American and the Caribbean

"A powerful and original collection of essays. Provides a much needed overview of the development of the Afro-Latin American rights movement."--Nicola Foote, coeditor of Military Struggle and Identity Formation in Latin America

As academic interest in Afro-Latin America increases, so, too, does the need for a fresh text detailing the cultural and political issues facing black populations throughout the region. With existing literature focused on populations in individual countries, editors Kwame Dixon and John Burdick have encouraged their contributors to move beyond borders in this wide-ranging study.
Comparative Perspectives on Afro-Latin America offers a new, dynamic discussion of the experience of blackness and cultural difference, black political mobilization, and state responses to Afro-Latin activism throughout Latin America. Its thematic organization and holistic approach set it apart as the most comprehensive and up-to-date survey of these populations and the issues they face currently available.

Kwame Dixon, assistant professor of African American studies at Syracuse University, is the author of Racism and the Administration of Justice. John Burdick is professor of anthropology at Syracuse University and author of Legacies of Liberation: The Progressive Catholic Church in Brazil at the Start of a New Millennium.

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"These excellent, well-researched, and strikingly insightful essays present a variety of socioracial situations across the region."

"Provides a well-rounded discussion of many of the issues which people of African descent in Latin America have faced and continue to face."
--The Afrolatin Project

“A much-needed analysis of the political situations of Afro-descendants across Latin America… Grounded in ethnographic and archival data, the authors illuminate the multiple ways that people of African descent mobilize a black identity to gain resources and recognition for themselves and their communities.”
--Book Review

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