The Fossil Vertebrates of Florida

Edited by Richard C. Hulbert Jr.

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"Hulbert’s book provides the first comprehensive review of the fossil vertebrates of Florida, which has one of the richest Cenozoic fossil records of any state in the country. It will be an essential addition to the library of all professional paleontologists, students, and amateurs interested in the history of fossil vertebrates in Florida and the southeastern United States."-- Gary S. Morgan, assistant curator of paleontology, New Mexico Museum of Natural History

"A wonderful mix of technical, state-of-the-art information . . . with commentary on everyday fossils that all may have experienced at one time or another. The book is both for the serious student of vertebrate paleontology and for anyone who has an interest in the fossils that may be encountered in Florida."-- David P. Whistler, curator of vertebrate paleontology, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Illustrated with hundreds of photographs and drawings, this authoritative yet readable book describes the fossil vertebrates found in Florida—many unique to the state--and summarizes more than 100 years of paleontological discoveries and research. It bridges the sometimes disconnected worlds of the professional paleontologist and the avocational collector and hobbyist.
Florida has the richest vertebrate fossil record of any state east of the Mississippi, extending back 45 million years. Beginning with an introduction to vertebrate anatomy, Richard Hulbert describes the geological history of the state and the history of vertebrate life in it. He then addresses such questions as what animals lived in Florida, how they are related to one another and to living animals, when they first appeared and when many of them became extinct, what they ate, and what they tell us about past environments.

All types of vertebrates are covered, including sharks and other fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. In addition to exceptionally detailed illustrations (many published for the first time), the book includes a comprehensive list of every verified fossil species ever collected in Florida.

Based on the popular Plaster Jacket series of pamphlets written by renowned natural scientists and published by the Florida Paleontological Society, The Fossil Vertebrates of Florida brings information from the last 30 years into an up-to-date, greatly expanded, cohesive book form.

Norman Tessman (sharks, carnivores)
Elizabeth S. Wing (skates and rays and, with Camm Swift, bony fish)
Walter Auffenberg (snakes, turtles, crocodilians)
S. David Webb (proboscideans, peccaries, edentates, camels, ruminants)
Robert A. Martin (aquatic rodents)
John Waldrop (horses)
Jesse S. Robertson (bison)
Roy H. Reinhart (sea cows)
Steve P. Christman (rattlesnakes)
Clayton E. Ray (seals and walruses)
Gary S. Morgan (whales and, with Ann E. Pratt, marine mammals)
Bruce J. MacFadden (rhinoceroses)
Jon A. Baskin (saber-tooth carnivores)
Annalisa Berta (dogs)
Jonathan J. Becker (birds)
Peter A. Meylan (amphibians and reptiles)

Richard C. Hulbert, Jr., collection manager for the Division of Vertebrate Paleontology at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville, is the author or coauthor of 30 essays and monographs published in scholarly journals, including Nature, Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, and Journal of Paleontology.

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"indiscutablement un ouvrage de reference pour tous ceux qui s'interessent a la formation de la faune mammalienne en Amerique du Nord."

Filled with gems of information that will enhance the reader’s knowledge about vertebrate fossils in Florida. . . . This book is a milestone.
--Quarterly Review of Biology

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