Who's Afraid of James Joyce?

Karen R. Lawrence

Foreword by Sebastian D. G. Knowles, Series Editor

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"The author of the acclaimed The Odyssey of Style in Ulysses here presents her thinking on James Joyce dating from that landmark work. Who’s Afraid of James Joyce? is consistently erudite and thought provoking."--John Gordon, Connecticut College

"Contains riches and will become an essential resource for new generations of Joyce critics looking to build on Lawrence's immense contributions to the field. The glittering intelligence of the individual pieces in this collection reminds us that each time Lawrence returns to Joyce's body of work, she manages not just to extract a creative reading, but to develop a fundamentally new way of approaching these immensely influential stories and novels."--Sean Latham, University of Tulsa

The development of Joycean studies into a respected and very large subdiscipline of modernist studies can be traced to the work of several important scholars. Among those who did the most to document Joyce's work, Karen Lawrence can easily be considered one of that elite cadre.

A retrospective of decades of work on Joyce, this collection includes published journal articles, book chapters, and selections from her best known work (all updated and revised), along with one new essay. Featuring engaging close readings of such Joyce works as Dubliners and Ulysses, it will be a welcome addition to any serious Joycean's library and will prove extremely useful to new generations of Joyce critics looking to build on Lawrence's expansive scholarship. Both readable and lively, this work may inspire a lifetime of reading, re-reading, and teaching Joyce.

Karen R. Lawrence is president of Sarah Lawrence College. She has authored and edited several other books, most recently Transcultural Joyce.

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"Lawrence's new book 'Who's Afraid of James Joyce?' is closer to a straightforward essay collection, as she confines the personal note to reflections on her professional career. A masterful exposition of how the drama of writing comes to displace the humdrum human drama of a single, unremarkable day."
--For Love of Molly - Times Literary Supplement

"Publishing a series of essays from several points in the career of a widely admired Joyce scholar has obvious benefits: for example, it provides ready acess to Lawrence's work by young scholars who might not realize how much The Odyssey of Style has influenced discussions of Joyce's styles, and the selections reflect (and sometimes comment on) trends in Joyce criticism over the past three decades."
--English Literature in Transition 1880-1920

"A reminder of Lawrence's critical insight and originality and a tribute to the breadth of her intellectual interests."
--James Joyce Quarterly

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