Postcards from Journal of Light

John Moran

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"Breathtaking."--Orlando Magazine

"Refreshingly honest."--St. Petersburg Times

"If a picture can tell a thousand words, then one of John Moran's stunning photographs must be worth at least a million."--Ocala Style

For nearly thirty years, John Moran has sought to capture the very soul of one of the most photographed states in the country. As anyone who has seen his work can attest, he seemingly does just that every time he opens his shutter.
These postcards were hand-selected by Moran as some of his favorite images. But be forewarned: you might have such a difficult time deciding which to mail and which to keep you'll wish you had bought a copy for yourself!

John Moran is a Gainesville-based photographer whose work has appeared in such publications as Newsweek, Smithsonian, New York Times Magazine, and National Geographic, and on the cover of The National Audubon Society Field Guide to Florida.

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