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The Archaeology of Ethnogenesis: Race and Sexuality in Colonial San Francisco, Revised Edition

In this interdisciplinary study, Barbara Voss examines religious, environmental, cultural, and political differences at the Presidio of San Francisco, California, to reveal the development of social identities within the colony.

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Sunshine State Mafia: A History of Florida’s Mobsters, Hit Men, and Wise Guys

A wild ride through a century of Mafia lore, this book offers inside accounts and little known stories of organized crime across Florida, from the Keys to Pensacola and Jacksonville.

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The Real Business of Ancient Maya Economies: From Farmers’ Fields to Rulers’ Realms

A timely synthesis of the latest research and perspectives on ancient Maya economics, this volume illuminates the sophistication and intricacy of economic systems in the Preclassic, Classic, and Postclassic periods.   

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Afro-Cuban Voices: On Race and Identity in Contemporary Cuba

Based on vivid testimonies of 14 prominent Afro-Cubans, this book looks at how race affects daily life in Cuba. Interviewees from different generations, regions—& representing the arts, media, industry, academe, & medicine—all respond to 4 questions: Wh

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Archaeology in Dominica: Everyday Ecologies and Economies at Morne Patate

This volume examines the everyday lives of enslaved and free workers at Morne Patate, an eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Caribbean plantation, helping document the under-represented history of slavery and colonialism on the edge of the British Empire.

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Green Empire: The St. Joe Company and the Remaking of Florida's Panhandle

This bestselling corporate/environmental history examines how the state's largest landowner has the potential to permanently and drastically alter the landscape, environment, and economic foundation of the northwestern part of the state.

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Fort San Juan and the Limits of Empire: Colonialism and Household Practice at the Berry Site

Drawing on archaeological evidence of architecture, food, and material culture, as well as newly discovered accounts of Pardo's expeditions, the contributors to this volume explore this borderland location at the northern frontier of Spain's long reach.

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Cypress Gardens, America's Tropical Wonderland: How Dick Pope Invented Florida

Where America's wildest dreams came true

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Writing the New World: The Politics of Natural History in the Early Spanish Empire

In this volume, Mauro Caraccioli examines the natural history writings of early Spanish missionaries, using these texts to argue that colonial Latin America was fundamental in the development of modern political thought.