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Irish Cosmopolitanism: Location and Dislocation in James Joyce, Elizabeth Bowen, and Samuel Beckett

Looking at the writing of three Irish expatriates who lived in Trieste, London, and Paris, Nels Pearson challenges conventional critical trends that view their work as either affirming Irish anti-colonial sentiment or embracing international identity.

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Periodicals in Latin America: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Serialized Print Culture

Assembling research on a diverse range of serialized publications from the late nineteenth century to the present day, this volume explores how Latin American print culture has influenced local movements and informed global exchange.

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The Book of Yeats's Poems

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Postcolonial Theory and Francophone Literary Studies

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William Morgan: Evolution of an Architect

Morgan was unique among architects for his interest in ancient North America and for blending a modern style characterized by its rejection of history with the design language of prehistory. Highlighting how his work has impacted many areas of architecture such as urban design, this book celebrates Morgan’s continuing legacy.  

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Joyce, Medicine, and Modernity

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Violence and Modernism: Ibsen, Joyce, and Woolf

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The Sword Went Out to Sea: (Synthesis of a Dream), by Delia Alton

Never before published, The Sword Went Out to Sea is the first book in H.D.'s prose trilogy that continues with White Rose and the Red and concludes with The Mystery. This complex, semi-autobiographical novel combines H.D.'s interest in the occult and experiences during the Blitz, and sheds light on the aesthetics and origins of literary modernism.