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Music Appreciation: Poems by Floyd Skloot

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Archaeology of Domestic Landscapes of the Enslaved in the Caribbean

While previous research on household archaeology in the colonial Caribbean has drawn heavily on artifact analysis, this volume provides the first in-depth examination of the architecture of slave housing during this period. It examines the considerations that went into constructing and inhabiting living spaces for the enslaved and reveals the diversity of people and practices in these settings.  

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Darwin's Man in Brazil: The Evolving Science of Fritz Müller

Fritz Müller (1821-1897), though not as well known as his colleague Charles Darwin, belongs in the cohort of great nineteenth-century naturalists. Recovering Müller's legacy, David A. West describes the close intellectual kinship between Müller and Darwin and details a lively correspondence that spanned seventeen years.

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Hell Without Fires: Slavery, Christianity, and the Antebellum Spiritual Narrative

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Maximum Insight: Selected Columns

Selected columns by the St. Petersburg Times writer, syndicated in over 200 papers nationwide, on topics ranging from race relations and individual responsibility, to education, politics, and a civil society.

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Commodore John Rodgers: Paragon of the Early American Navy

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The Values and Craft of American Journalism: Essays from the Poynter Institute

Combining cutting-edge theory with the latest journalistic practices, some of the finest minds in American journalism tackle the most important issues facing the profession today, including leadership and credibility. New to paperback.

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A Struggle for Heritage: Archaeology and Civil Rights in a Long Island Community

Based on ten years of collaborative, community-based research, this book examines the history of race and racism in a mixed-heritage Native American and African American community on Long Island’s North Shore, demonstrating how archaeology can be an activist voice for a vulnerable population’s civil rights.