The Florida History and Culture Series

Edited by Raymond Arsenault, University of South Florida and Gary R. Mormino

Series Description:

During the past half-century, the expanding population and increased national and international visibility of Florida have sparked a great deal of popular interest in the state's past, present, and projected future. But the literature on Florida's distinctive heritage and character has not kept pace with the state's enhanced status. This series is designed to remedy that situation by providing an accessible and attractive format for the publication of Florida-related books, including scholarly books, works of synthesis, carefully selected works of popular history, memoirs, and anthologies. While the series will feature books of historical interest, the editors encourage authors researching Florida's environment, politics, literature, and popular or material culture to submit projects for consideration. This series is no longer accepting new titles.

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There are 49 books in this series.

Please note that while you may order forthcoming books at any time, they will not be available for shipment until shortly before publication date

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In the Eye of Hurricane Andrew

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The Wide Brim: Early Poems and Ponderings of Marjory Stoneman Douglas

Often described as the savior of the Everglades, Marjory Stoneman Douglas is best known for having been Florida's most passionate environmentalist, but she was first, foremost, and always a writer. As the author of fiction and nonfiction books, most notably The Everglades: River of Grass, and scores of short stories, Douglas devoted over ninety years to her career as a writer. Her fascinating and little-known work as a journalist began as a columnist for the Miami Herald

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The Everglades: An Environmental History

The first environmental history of what is considered by many to be the most endangered ecosystem in North America. Begins with the Everglades’ geologic origins and covers the period of early habitation by Native Americans,

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Cassadaga: The South's Oldest Spiritualist Community

Tells the story of the south's oldest spirtualist community, Cassadaga, founded in central Florida over a century ago on the principle of continuous life, the idea that spirits of the dead commune with the living. This is the first serious work to examine

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Claude Pepper and Ed Ball: Politics, Purpose, and Power

Tells the story of the power struggle between Claude Pepper and Ed Ball in the 1900s that largely determined the future of Florida. Trustee of the duPont empire, Ed Ball was Florida's most powerful businessman. Pepper, a US senator, was a powerful New Dea

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Balancing Evils Judiciously: The Proslavery Writings of Zephaniah Kingsley

The first complete edition of the complex, pro-black, pro-slavery writings of Zephaniah Kingsley (1765-1843). A slave trader & plantation owner in Spanish Florida, he married a slave & had children with others, all of whom he emancipated. Influenced by ex

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Beechers, Stowes, and Yankee Strangers: The Transformation of Florida

Tells the story of Harriet Beecher Stowe (author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin), her brother Charles, and a small group of Yankee reformers who arrived in Reconstruction Florida

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Government in the Sunshine State: Florida Since Statehood

A concise and accessible history of the state’s unique political system, its development over the last 150 years, and the most important issues facing it today. Explores the shaping influences of: the state’s early ties to Spain and Great Britain,

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Al Burt's Florida: Snowbirds, Sand Castles, and Self-Rising Crackers