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Intersections: Art and Islamic Cosmopolitanism

This richly illustrated volume highlights the history of Islamic cosmopolitanism as documented through works of art from the eighth century to the present, examining artistic exchange between Muslim and non-Muslim societies.

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The Generalship of Muhammad: Battles and Campaigns of the Prophet of Allah

In The Generalship of Muhammad, Russ Rodgers charts a new path by merging original sources with the latest in military theory to examine Muhammad's military strengths and weaknesses.

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Modern Arab Art: Formation of Arab Aesthetics

Provides a historical and theoretical overview of the subject from the 1940s through today. Shabout recognizes the important distinction between Arabic art and Islamic art. With 32 color plates and 40 b&w photos.

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We Are Imazighen: The Development of Algerian Berber Identity in Twentieth-Century Literature and Culture

By tracing the cultural production of the Kabyle people--their songs, oral traditions, and literature--from the early 1930s to the end of the twentieth century, Fazia Aïtel shows how they have defined their own culture over time, both within Algeria and in its diaspora.

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Fertile Bonds: Bedouin Class, Kinship, and Gender in the Bekaa Valley

This book expands our understanding of peoples far removed from consolidated government control and provides a broad analytical lens through which to examine demographic divides across the globe.

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The Abolition of Slavery in Ottoman Tunisia

This book fully explicates the complexity of Tunisian society and culture and reveals how abolition was able to occur in an environment hostile to such change.

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An Incurable Past: Nasser's Egypt Then and Now

Examining history not as it was recorded, but as it is remembered, An Incurable Past contextualizes the classist and deeply disappointing post-Nasserist period that has inspired today’s Egyptian revolutionaries.

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A Documentary History of Modern Iraq

Previously published histories and primary source collections on the Iraqi experience tend to be topically focused or dedicated to presenting a top-down approach. By contrast, Stacy Holden's A Documentary History of Modern Iraq gives voice to ordinary Iraqis, clarifying the experience of the Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds, Jews, and women over the past century.

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Contemporary Architecture and Urbanism in the Middle East

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Algerians without Borders: The Making of a Global Frontier Society