Encyclopedia of Caribbean Archaeology

Edited by Basil A. Reid and R. Grant Gilmore III

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"A diverse and thorough encyclopedia of terms, places, people, and issues relevant to Caribbean archaeology, past and present."--Todd J. Braje, author of Modern Oceans, Ancient Sites

"Spanning the Bahamas in the north to Trinidad and Tobago in the south, this book allows readers a vantage point of comparative analysis through which to arrive at their individual interpretations of controversial subjects. An unparalleled feat in Caribbean historiography."--Keith Tinker, author of The Migration of Peoples from the Caribbean to the Bahamas

Encyclopedia of Caribbean Archaeology offers a comprehensive overview of the available archaeological research conducted in the region.

Beginning with the earliest native migrations and moving through contemporary issues of heritage management, the contributors tackle the usual questions of colonization, adaptation, and evolution while embracing newer research techniques, such as geoinformatics, archaeometry, paleodemography, DNA analysis, and seafaring simulations. Entries are cross-referenced so readers can efficiently access data on a variety of related topics.

The introduction includes a survey of the various archaeological periods in the Caribbean, as well as a discussion of the region’s geography, climate, topography, and oceanography. It also offers an easy-to-read review of the historical archaeology, providing a better understanding of the cultural contexts of the Caribbean that resulted from the convergence of European, Native American, African, and then Asian settlers.

Basil A. Reid is senior lecturer in archaeology at The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine (Trinidad and Tobago) and the author of Myths and Realities of Caribbean History. R. Grant Gilmore III is a freelance heritage management consultant on the board of the International Committee for Archaeological Heritage Management of the International Council on Monuments and Sites.

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Choice Outstanding Academic Title - 2015

Brings into a single volume a comprehensive cataloging of the rich material relics that make the Caribbean so inviting.
--Journal of Latin American Geography

The encyclopedia serves not only as a tool for Caribbeanists who want quick access to information, but it can also be of great interest to the general public.
--Journal of Caribbean Archaeology

Valuable for academic/research libraries and natural/cultural history institutes and museums focusing on Caribbean/Latin American studies, archaeology, or anthropology.

Refreshing and helpful.... Significant in its breadth of topics and detail....Bioarcheologists working in the Caribbean will find this volume vital to developing culture historical and contextual information important to anthropological studies of the past.
--American Journal of Physical Anthropology

A substantial contribution toward increasing awareness of Caribbean archaeology and its current construction.
--Register of the Kentucky Historical Society

An import entrée into Caribbean archaeology as it emerges from the twentieth century. . . .A substantial contribution toward increasing awareness of Caribbean archaeology and its current construction.
--Journal of Anthropological Research

Entries embody a shared concern for heritage protection and public engagement by providing information on a fantastically diverse range of prehistoric and historic sites. . . . A window into the constellation of researchers and institutions in the field.
--Cambridge Archaeological Journal

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