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Broadcasting Modernism

The contributors to Broadcasting Modernism argue that radio led to changes in textual and generic forms.

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Univision, Telemundo, and the Rise of Spanish-Language Television in the United States

In the first history of Spanish-language television in the United States, Craig Allen traces the development of two prominent yet little-studied powerhouses, Univision and Telemundo. Allen tells the inside story of how these networks fought enormous odds to rise as giants of mass communication, questioning monolingual and Anglo-centered versions of U.S. television history.

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Sallie Ann Robinson's Kitchen: Food and Family Lore from the Lowcountry

In her third cookbook, Sallie Ann Robinson brings readers to the dinner table in South Carolina’s Lowcountry. Born and raised on the small, remote island of Daufuskie, Robinson shares the food and foodways from her Gullah upbringing.  

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Radio and the Struggle for Civil Rights in the South

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Cassadaga: The South's Oldest Spiritualist Community

Tells the story of the south's oldest spirtualist community, Cassadaga, founded in central Florida over a century ago on the principle of continuous life, the idea that spirits of the dead commune with the living. This is the first serious work to examine

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Derek Walcott: Politics and Poetics

Paula Burnett offers a new interpretation of the life's work of acclaimed St. Lucian poet, playwright, and Nobel Prize winner Derek Walcott. Often regarded as the radical voice of the Third World, his drama and poetry together form a coherent project

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An Irish-Jewish Politician, Joyce’s Dublin, and Ulysses: The Life and Times of Albert L. Altman

In this book, Neil Davison argues that Albert Altman, a Dublin-based businessman and Irish nationalist, influenced James Joyce’s creation of the character of Leopold Bloom as well as Ulysses’ broader themes surrounding race, nationalism, and empire.

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Joyce Writing Disability

In this book, the first to explore the role of disability in the writings of James Joyce, contributors examine the varying ways in which Joyce’s texts represent disability and the environmental conditions of his time that stigmatized, isolated, and othered individuals with disabilities.

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White Rose and the Red

Never before published, White Rose and the Red is the fictional biography of Elizabeth Siddall, wife of English poet and painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti