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The Changing South of Gene Patterson: Journalism and Civil Rights, 1960–1968

The Changing South of Gene Patterson celebrates the work of one of America's most influential journalists who wrote in a time and place of dramatic social and political upheaval. The editor of the Atlanta Constitution from 1960 through 1968, Patterson wrote directly to his fellow white southerners every day, working to persuade them to change their ways. His words were so inspirational that he was asked by Walter Cronkite to read his most famous column, about the Birmingham church bombing, live on the CBS Evening News.

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Plain Folk in a Rich Man's War: Class and Dissent in Confederate Georgia

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Inventing Medieval Landscapes: Senses of Place in Western Europe

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The Southern Dream of a Caribbean Empire, 1854-1861: With a New Preface

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The Making of a Modern City: Philanthropy, Civic Culture, and the Baltimore YMCA

Explores the relationship among religion, government, business, and nonprofit organizations in the development of charitible activities and pre-new deal social welfare programs in an important American industrial city.

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Myth, Memory, and the Making of the American Landscape

Focusing on material culture, the authors in the collection explore the tensions that exist among various groups-elite landowners, the National Park Service, preservationists, minority groups-who compete for control over the interpretation of American pub

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Crowds and Soldiers in Revolutionary North Carolina: The Culture of Violence in Riot and War

Wayne Lee examines how a scoiety shapes, directs, restrains, understands, and reacts to violence, with particular attention to riot and war in 18th-century North Carolina.

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El Niño in History: Storming Through the Ages

The first comprehensive historical account of the El Nino weather phenomenon that has affected weather cycles (and human history) around the globe for centuries.