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Media, Culture, and the Modern African American Freedom Struggle

These essays on the relationship among the media, popular culture, and the postwar African American freedom struggle offer new perspectives on the nature of the Civil Rights Movement and its legacies.

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The Wild East: A Biography of the Great Smoky Mountains

Explores the social, political, and environmental changes in the Great Smoky Mountains during the 19th & 20th centuries. Although this national park is often portrayed as a triumph of preservation, Brown concludes that the largest forested region in the

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Confederate Symbols in the Contemporary South

A timely collection of essays examining the controversy surrounding the use & display of Confederate symbols in the modern South. Scholars from many disciplines explore the battle between traditionalists who favor use of confederate symbols and reconstru

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The Other South: Southern Dissenters in the Nineteenth Century

Degler argues that if one is to understand who southerners were and are today, southern dissent of the 19th century must be understood and appreciated, since those years shaped southern ideas, customs, and values. This book

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Sinking Columbus: Contested History, Cultural Politics, and Mythmaking during the Quince

This fascinating book describes and analyzes the failure of the 1992 commemoration of the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus's voyage from Spain to the New World. The authors draw upon their personal experiences as organizers and observers of the

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Balancing Evils Judiciously: The Proslavery Writings of Zephaniah Kingsley

The first complete edition of the complex, pro-black, pro-slavery writings of Zephaniah Kingsley (1765-1843). A slave trader & plantation owner in Spanish Florida, he married a slave & had children with others, all of whom he emancipated. Influenced by ex

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"In the Country of the Enemy": The Civil War Reports of a Massachusetts Corporal

Last printed by the Boston Herald in 1863, these dispatches provide a lively, detailed, firsthand account of a New England regiment of middle-class urban soldiers operating in the hostile southern coastal lowlands during the Civil War,

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The African-American Experience in the Civilian Conservation Corps

Through the use of oral histories, this book examines the participation of nearly 200,000 young African Americans in all-black camps of the Civilian Conservation Corps, one of Roosevelt’s most successful New Deal agencies.

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The Search for Thomas F. Ward, Teacher of Frederick Delius

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Victorian Feminism, 1850-1900

Levine traces the changing face of a half century of England’s feminist movement, the personalities who dominated it, its pressing issues, and the tactics employed in the fight. Political themes common to the specific protests, she finds, included women’s moral superiority, a close-knit sense of a supportive female community, and a conscious woman-centeredness of interests.