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Balanchine Variations

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T. S. Eliot's Parisian Year

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The Archaeology of American Mining

Synthesizing fifty years of research on American mining sites that date from colonial times to the present, Paul White provides an ideal overview of the field for both students and professionals.

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Advanced Principles in Teaching Classical Ballet

Insights and guidelines for teaching the best students

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Teaching Classical Ballet

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Staging Discomfort: Performance and Queerness in Contemporary Cuba

This visionary volume examines how queer bodies are theatrically represented on the Cuban stage in ways that challenge one of the state’s primary revolutionary tools, the categorization and homogenization of individuals. Bretton White critically analyzes contemporary performances that upset traditional understandings of performer and spectator, as well as what constitutes the ideal Cuban citizenry.

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The Archaeology and History of the Native Georgia Tribes

New to paperback, this story of Georgia’s Indians spans 12,000 years from elephant hunts to the European invasion. 149 b&w illustrations.

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La Meri and Her Life in Dance: Performing the World

This intriguing biography details the life and work of world dance pioneer La Meri (1899–1988). An American dancer, choreographer, teacher, and writer, La Meri was ahead of her time in championing cross-cultural dance performances and education, yet she is almost totally forgotten today. In La Meri and Her Life in Dance, Nancy Ruyter introduces readers to a visionary artist who played a pivotal role in dance history.  

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A Punkhouse in the Deep South: The Oral History of 309

Told in personal interviews, this is the collective story of a punk community in an unlikely town and region, a hub of radical counterculture that drew artists and musicians from throughout the conservative South and earned national renown.

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Chiefdoms and Chieftaincy in the Americas

Edited collection of essays on the dynamics of chi