Florida Museum of Natural History: Ripley P. Bullen Series

Edited by Neill J. Wallis, Charles R. Cobb, and Kitty F. Emery

Series Description:

This series, sponsored by the Florida Museum of Natural History, honors Ripley P. Bullen for his scholarly contributions to the archaeology of Florida and adjacent regions and for his encouragement and education of nonprofessional archaeologists in the area. The series is devoted to archaeological and historical study of the southeastern United States and the Caribbean, the areas of Dr. Bullen’s research for almost three decades.

The series ranges broadly across space, time, and topics of central importance to the long and rich history of the region, and includes many of the best archaeologists working today.

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Neill J. Wallis

Charles R. Cobb

Kitty F. Emery

There are 80 books in this series.

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The Myth of Syphilis: The Natural History of Treponematosis in North America

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The Lost Florida Manuscript of Frank Hamilton Cushing

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The Florida Journals of Frank Hamilton Cushing

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Presidio Santa MarĂ­a de Galve: A Struggle for Survival in Colonial Spanish Pensacola

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Windover: Multidisciplinary Investigations of an Early Archaic Florida Cemetery

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The Archaeology of Traditions: Agency and History Before and After Columbus

This book offers an archeological reevaluation of history itself:where it is, what it is, and how it came to be.

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Bioarchaeology of Spanish Florida: The Impact of Colonialism

These essays address the biological consequences of the arrival of Europeans in the New World and on the lifeways of native populations following contact in the late 16th century.

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Coosa: The Rise and Fall of a Southeastern Mississippian Chiefdom

In this colorfully illustrated book, Smith traces the rise and collapse of the chiefdom of Coosa, located in the Ridge and Valley province of northwestern Georgia and adjacent states. From humble beginnings, Coosa became one of the most important

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Precolumbian Architecture in Eastern North America

Comprehensive overview of ancient eastern North American monuments -- magnificently illustrated with 34 black-and-white plates and 188 drawings -- analyzing prehistoric architecture beginning more than 6,000 years ago