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Fishes in the Fresh Waters of Florida: An Identification Guide and Atlas

This book is a comprehensive identification guide to the 222 species of fishes in Florida’s fresh waters. Each species is presented with color photographs, key characteristics for identification, comparisons to similar species, habitat descriptions, and dot distribution maps.

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Fishes of the Continental Waters of Belize

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Fishing Florida's Flats: A Guide to Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, and Much More

In Fishing Florida’s Flats, world-champion angler Jan Stephen Maizler draws on the expertise of numerous "flatsmasters," who share their wisdom on how to maximize one’s chances of landing a trophy catch. With 47 b&w photographs.

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Fishing for Spotted Seatrout: From the Carolinas to Texas

Jan Maizler, a world-renowned light tackle expert, shares more than 30 years' experience and innovative tactics for catching this popular fish in its range from the Carolinas to Texas.

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Fishing Secrets from Florida's East Coast

Author and experienced fishing guide Ron Presley offers practical information to anglers of all skill levels and interests in this clear, concise guide.

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Fit for War: Sustenance and Order in the Mid-Eighteenth-Century Catawba Nation

The Catawba Nation played an important role in the early colonial Southeast, serving as a military ally of the British and a haven for refugees from other native groups, yet it has largely been overlooked by scholars and the public. Fit for War explains how the Nation maintained its sovereignty while continuing to reside in its precolonial homeland near present-day Charlotte, North Carolina.  

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Flagler: Rockefeller Partner and Florida Baron

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Fleeing Castro: Operation Pedro Pan and the Cuban Children's Program

Account of the covert humanitarian effort known as Operation Pedro Pan (1960-1962) in which 14,048 Cuban children were airlifted into the U.S. Explores US role as well as the aftermath of the children's separation from parents forced to remain in Cuba.

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Flora of Florida, Volume I: Pteridophytes and Gymnosperms

The first of a proposed eight-volume comprehensive reference to the more than 3,800 vascular plants, native and non-native, known to occur growing wild in the state, this fully-illustrated guide provides descriptions of all species of ferns and

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Flora of Florida, Volume II: Dicotyledons, Cabombaceae through Geraniaceae

With taxonomic keys to family, genus, and species, and with families arranged alphabetically for easy reference, the Flora of Florida collection is the standard reference for botanists, researchers, consultants, and students alike.