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Wage-Earning Slaves: Coartación in Nineteenth-Century Cuba

This volume is the first systematic study of coartación, a process by which slaves worked toward purchasing their freedom in installments. Focusing on Cuba, this book reveals that instead of providing a “path to manumission,” the process was often rife with obstacles that blocked slaves from achieving liberty.

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Waiting at Joe's

By giving voice to these unsung individuals, Deeny Kaplan Lorber reveals the inner workings of Joe’s in this collection of fascinating, intimate vignettes.

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Waiting for Contact: The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Waiting for Contact tells the story of the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) movement, which emerged in 1959 as new technological developments turned what once was speculation into science: astronomers began using radio telescopes to listen for messages from space. Boosted by support from Frank Drake, Philip Morrison, and Carl Sagan, the SETI movement gained followers and continues to capture imaginations today

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Wake Rites: The Ancient Irish Rituals of Finnegans Wake

Demonstrating remarkable parallels between specific events and performers of the Rites and the episodes and characters comprising Finnegans Wake, Gibson shows that every event and performer at the Rites has a correlate in the novel, and all Wakean episodes and performers have their parallels in the Rites of Tara. Ultimately, he argues, Joyce structured his novel according to the Teamhur Feis, and Finnegans Wake is a calculated reenactment of the most important event in Irish paganism. 

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Walking St. Augustine: An Illustrated Guide and Pocket History to America's Oldest City

Celebrate 450 years of history with a walking tour of the Old City.

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War and State Building in the Middle East

War and State Building in the Middle East addresses the strengths and weaknesses of the authoritarian-regime governments commonly found in the Middle East, particularly among oil-rich countries.

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"War Governor of the South": North Carolina's Zeb Vance in the Confederacy

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War on the Gulf Coast: The Spanish Fight against William Augustus Bowles

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War Owl Falling: Innovation, Creativity, and Culture Change in Ancient Maya Society

Drawing on archaeological findings from the Maya lowlands, this book shows how innovation and creativity led to social change in ancient societies


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The War Worth Fighting: Abraham Lincoln's Presidency and Civil War America

The contributors to this volume examine how Lincoln actively and consciously managed the war--diplomatically, militarily, and in the realm of what we might now call public relations--and in doing so, reshaped and redefined the fundamental role of the president.