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Vaganova: A Dance Journey from Petersburg to Leningrad

Written by a direct eyewitness to many of the described incidents, someone who knew Vaganova intimately, this is the only authorized biography about the creator of the renowned Russian ballet curriculum. Published for the first time in English.

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Vaganova Today: The Preservation of Pedagogical Tradition

In this absorbing volume, Catherine Pawlick traces Vaganova's story from her early years as a ballet student in tsarist Russia to her career as a dancer with the Mariinsky (Kirov) Ballet to her work as a pedagogue and choreographer. Pawlick then goes beyond biography to address Vaganova's legacy today, offering the first-ever English translations of primary source materials and intriguing interviews with pedagogues and dancers from the Academy and the Mariinsky Ballet, including some who studied with Vaganova herself.

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The Valkyries’ Loom: The Archaeology of Cloth Production and Female Power in the North Atlantic

Michèle Hayeur Smith uses Viking textiles as evidence for the little-known work of women in the Norse colonies that expanded from Scandinavia across the North Atlantic in the 9th century AD.

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The Values and Craft of American Journalism: Essays from the Poynter Institute

Combining cutting-edge theory with the latest journalistic practices, some of the finest minds in American journalism tackle the most important issues facing the profession today, including leadership and credibility. New to paperback.

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Vargas Llosa Among the Postmodernists

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The Varieties of Women's Experiences: Portraits of Southern Women in the Post–Civil War Century

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Vegetable Gardening in Florida

Full-color, illustrated, eco-friendly guide for weekend gardeners and full-time farmers. Sections include site selection, vegetable variety, soil fertilization, climate variables,

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The Veil Unveiled: The Hijab in Modern Culture

This provocative book demonstrates that the veil, the garment known in Islamic cultures as the hijab, holds within its folds a semantic versatility that goes far beyond current clichés and homogenous representations. Whether seen as erotic or as romantic,

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Velvet Jihad: Muslim Women's Quiet Resistance to Islamic Fundamentalism

In Velvet Jihad Faegheh Shirazi reveals the creative strategies Muslim women have adopted to quietly fight against those who would limit their growing rights.

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Venezuela's Petro-Diplomacy: Hugo Chávez's Foreign Policy

Venezuela's Petro-Diplomacy offers fresh, authoritative insights into a wide array of questions hanging over Venezuelan foreign policy and the leadership of the maverick president, Chavez.