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The Iguanid Lizards of Cuba

Comprehensive reference to the 62 known iguanid species of Cuba, including the iguana, curly-tail lizards, anoles, chameleons, & anoline lizards. Covers taxonomy, morphology, ecology, genetics, parasitology & bio-geography. Distribution maps, color illus.

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Illustrated Plants of Florida and the Coastal Plain

Updated with over 200 new illustrations as well as current plant names and taxonomies, this volume is an indispensable identification guide to nearly 1,400 species of plants, both common and rare, found in Florida and neighboring coastal states.

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Imaging the Chinese in Cuban Literature and Culture

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The Immigrant World of Ybor City: Italians and Their Latin Neighbors in Tampa, 1885–1985

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Immigration and National Identities in Latin America

Between the mid-nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuries, an influx of Europeans, Asians, and Arabic speakers indelibly changed the face of Latin America. While many studies of this period focus on why the immigrants came to the region, this volume addresses how the newcomers helped construct national identities in the Caribbean, Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil.

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Impact of Materials on Society

This textbook supports the Impact of Materials on Society course and teaching materials, developed with the Materials Research Society. The textbook offers an exploration into materials (including ceramics, clay, concrete, glass, metals, and polymers) and the relationship with technologies and social structures. The textbook was developed by an interdisciplinary team from Engineering and Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Florida, including anthropologists, sociologists, historians, media studies experts, classicists, and more.

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The Imperative Call: A Naturalist's Quest in Temperate and Tropical America

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Imperiled Reef: The Fascinating, Fragile Life of a Caribbean Wonder

This book brings alive the richly diverse world of an underwater paradise, the second largest coral structure on the planet: the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.

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Impossible Returns: Narratives of the Cuban Diaspora

In this one-of-a-kind volume, Iraida López explores various narratives of return by those who left Cuba as children or adolescents.