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I Am a Process with No Subject

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I Fear I Shall Never Leave This Island: Life in a Civil War Prison

A first-of-its-kind investigation of Civil War prison conditions.

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An Ice Age Mystery: Unearthing the Secrets of the Old Vero Site

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Ichetucknee: Sacred Waters

A one-of-a-kind visual document of the crown jewel of Florida's spring system

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Iconography and Wetsite Archaeology of Florida’s Watery Realms

Beginning with Frank Hamilton Cushing’s famous excavations at Key Marco in 1896, a large and diverse collection of animal carvings, dugout canoes, and other wooden objects has been uncovered from Florida’s watery landscapes. Iconography and Wetsite Archaeology of Florida’s Watery Realms explores new discoveries and reexamines existing artifacts to reveal the influential role of water in the daily lives of Florida’s early inhabitants.

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The Idea of Women in Fundamentalist Islam

The only study that compiles and critiques the gender theory of the major Islamic fundamentalists.

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Idella: Marjorie Rawlings' "Perfect Maid"

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Idella Parker: From Reddick to Cross Creek

The further chronicles of Marjorie K. Rawlings' "Perfect Maid," who tells here of her early years as a young black school teacher, offers new stories of her 10 years with MKR, & details her experience of black life in rural central Florida since then.

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Identification and Geographical Distribution of the Mosquitoes of North America, North of Mexico

Because of the occurrence of mosquito-borne diseases and the widespread distribution of mosquitoes as pests to humans, professionals must know how to identify them. With its wealth of information, this book is the only one of its kind available for specialists working on mosquito-borne diseases and in mosquito control units, and for introductory and advanced students who study entomology.

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Identities, Experience, and Change in Early Mexican Villages

This volume examines shifting social identities, lived experiences, and networks of interaction in Mexico during the Mesoamerican Formative period, an era that helped produce some of the world’s most renowned complex civilizations, offering a new and holistic view of the region over two thousand years of history.