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Living Ceramics, Storied Ground: A History of African American Archaeology

Exploring the archaeological study of enslavement and emancipation in the United States, this book discusses significant findings, the attitudes and approaches of past researchers, and the development of the field.

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Locke and Blake: A Conversation Across the Eighteenth Century

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Long Key: Flagler’s Island Getaway for the Rich and Famous

Expertly depicts this slice of long-lost Florida and resurrects the famous personalities who found refuge from the limelight at Long Key.

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Looking at Cuba: Essays on Culture and Civil Society

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Losing It All to Sprawl: How Progress Ate My Cracker Landscape

As development threatens his very sense of place, an award-winning nature writer finds hope in the rediscovery and appreciation of his historic Cracker farmhouse.

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The Lost Cinema of Mexico: From Lucha Libre to Cine Familiar and Other Churros

This volume challenges the dismissal of Mexican filmmaking during the 1960s through 1980s, an era long considered a low-budget departure from the nation’s earlier Golden Age, examining the critical implications of discovering, uncovering, and recovering forgotten or ignored films.

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Lost Cities of the Ancient Southeast

Lavishly illustrated with maps, site plans, and photographs of the ruins of ancient ceremonial centers along with sculpture, ceramics, and other artifacts, Lost Cities of the Ancient Southeast captures the timeless beauty and technical sophistication of the art and architecture of pre-Columbian America. 

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The Lost Florida Manuscript of Frank Hamilton Cushing